Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the 9th Day of February

Title: Appanana

The day started not really as I intended or wished it would be because I woke up at 8am. I have a 9am class and the regular lack of sleep as well as energy drinks and coffee galore are haunting me now. Power naps are not working (nooooo!) and I can't seem to hear my phone alarm anymore. My sister used to be my personal alarm because she's a light sleeper and once she hears the loud upbeat music blaring, she'll get annoyed and start kicking me or hitting me to wake me up. Uhmm, honestly, my sister doesn't wake me up in those ways mentioned. She just nudges me with matching, "hoy ang ingay mo" goodmornings. Eyelove.

Nonsense talking, noise pollution, annoying chatter, all these are now passing through my eardrums and I have no power to block them off. My blue Philips earphones, come back to mama! I just placed my iPod to its dock for charging purposes but then when I was looking for you yesterday, OH NO. I smell trouble. Baby come baaaaaack!

I was kind of nervous as how the day will go because I don't have anything in mind for my ninth day of February. I still managed to go to school and found my Political Science class engaging in a mock impeachment case for the president. The most demanding person called me and the first greeting I told this person, "SINO 'TO?!" in an annoyed tone because this person was calling me while I was in class.
"Hi, are you free right now?"
"Uhm, actually, no. I am in class and just went out to take the call."
"Oh, it's okay. This will just take a few minutes." --> WIN. I was PWNED.

Anyway, the thing here is that I found out I have 2 gay classmates in my last class every Tuesdays and Thursdays. And my world went crumbling down like an avalanche. Tie me in the middle of the LRT tracks! Life is not worth it! To (at least try to) turn the bad news around, my BPR classmates and I ate in Banapple while Joppet is still comparing his envisioned Appanana to Banapple - from chairs, tables, waiting line, Internet, etc.

MORAL: The power of attraction. If you're not creative enough, Banapple is Banana + Apple. And then Appanana (watch out for this baby) is Apple + Banana. I KNOW. We're genius!

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