Monday, February 22, 2010


After acquiring some Batista-inspired energy from the (e)xplosive drink, I used the picture below as my avatar/display picture in my Yahoo! Messenger account. With that picture, I have a status message that reads hyperactivity in all of its letters.

(what you will read below is the actual intellectual conversation I just had)

Friend: 300 penguin????
Friend: :|
Me: yes!
Me: spartaaaaaaaaan!
Friend: :|
Friend: patay kagad yan
Me: i hebs theee armors!
Friend:  but they will step on it
Friend: :|
Me: they will see the cuteness
Me: and say "awwww" instead
Me: and then WE ATTACKS!!!!
Friend:  wow
Friend: :|
Me: *kicks them to the bottomless pit*
Friend: parang si puss in boots lang ha
Friend : :|

MORAL: Wee hours and energy drinks, plus academic work are not of good combination. To the bottomless pit!!! Admit it, it's cute. You won't dare hurt a cute penguin sporting cute costume. Awww, abubbabubba.

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