Friday, February 12, 2010

Stagnant Water Breeds Dengue-Carrying Mosquitoes

Don't piss off someone who hasn't slept for nearly 48 hours. Why? 'Cause this someone won't understand what you're saying so the pissing-off attempt will not work. (Fail.)

I don't know how to react (yet) to the forum a while ago. (Maybe after sleeping I could react.) The debate, the questions, the platforms, the answers, the nonsense response, the witty replies, the ho-hum questions, the cutthroat questions, the annoying people, the change in venue, the cool temperature, the sleepless nights, the tripod and camera, and the really intelligent officers.

I use sarcasm not to get my point across, but to express myself and get myself to say things I want to say without hurting/offending people who don't get it. I find solace in sarcasm and well, it has been a part of me since I don't know when. It's like a scapegoat, for personal purposes, like I use it to say what I want to say and get the feeling off my pericardium. If you don't get it, I don't care. Sometimes not caring is fun.

If I want to tell you something, I'll start with either "No joke, (your name), (insert comment)," or "Seriously, (insert comment)," or "Honestly... (insert comment)."

Why didn't I ask questions a while ago? I shared my questions with the Ad Hoc already, but dang it, I spaced out! I mean, sleeplessness won't make you a beach. It'll make you a freaky walking zombie!!! I think I was just smiling or something the whole time. If you probably asked money from me, I'll give you some.

MORAL: Don't step on others to keep yourself on top. 'Cause what happens is that you're still on the same level, and you just made things worse for you.

Also, don't try keeping yourself awake for days.


Anonymous said...

It' really hard if a person doesn't know you. You still have to explain to him/her your side, intentions and what you really meant. I wish there was an "auto-explanation" when meeting a person for the first time *"hi i'm bla bla and usually use sarcasm not to get my point across but only to express..." haha

Mark Bautista said...

i saw your face while the "sarcasm" comment was being made.

in your head, in your head, they are fightiiiing. zombehz, zombehz, ehz, ehz...