Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tsinelas Tuesday

Second day of MISA Elections and had one satellite voting station, because I have a 3-hour break so I stayed in the cafeteria and forced the seniors and MISA people there to vote. So far, we're on the right track. No failure of elections if the rate continues. :)

What freaking thing happened is when I ran and then jumped in the cafeteria (don't ask how, why, when, more detailed where) and my slippers snapped! The right slipper was useless all of a sudden, funny how I wanted to buy those rice balls in the Korean stall but since my slipper snapped, I was forced to just buy Bananas and Cream (the best there is in Chillers <3) and skipped lunch all of a sudden. I was forced to think of all the possibilities and all of the people I know just to be able to survive the day. It was just 12:15pm and I have to stay in school until 9pm. I must survive and have a back-up plan before my break ends at 1:30pm.

"Para akong tinagusan nito! Hindi makaalis sa kinauupuan ko."

So to cut the annoying story short: My satellite voting station is a success, I asked Jean to bring me extra pair of slippers (thanks!), I didn't get to eat anything (instant diet mode), I didn't go barefeet in the cafeteria, and asked Ralph (with super "kawawa" smile) to buy me slippers. Thaaanks Jean and Ralph!

Yes, all of a sudden I was in possession of Ateneo slippers. My friend told me at least now I have a reason to purchase Ateneo slippers. Php180 down the drain. Look at me now, Havaianas! First time to snap one!

1. One friend was judged by a taxi driver. Details here.
2. One friend texted me because he found out he's in San Pedro, Laguna already. He lives in Alabang and fell asleep when he rode the bus. The moment he woke up, he panicked noticing unfamiliar area, and scampered down the bus realizing he's in Laguna already. At present, he's traversing the road back to Alabang. Hello, instant joyride! Haha.

MORAL: Sleeping while commuting is a big risk/adventure. I'll be paranoid now when wearing slippers. I would probably stash an extra pair in my bag at all times, just in case. I don't want to go barefeet anytime soon. Boo.

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