Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Training for the Old

March 31, 2010

Banking on the belief that I'm still a free spirit, I have been biting on all the opportunities that are presenting in front of me.

After graduation, the next day there was a Grad Lunch, then Laser Tag, then a friend's Grad Party. Okay, that Grad Party was a complete W.O.W. event and I just put periods after each letter to make it standout but they really don't mean a thing. After that I went to a full coma, meaning I woke up late in the afternoon again. Then the next day I went to school to get my yearbook and then got tagged along to play Band Hero at another coursemate's house. It was my cousin's graduation and went to their place.

Afterwards, I was in a coma again. So last night, I can't remember how I came up with the idea of riding the Philippine National Railway trains. And the idea was becoming more real. If I wasn't able to ride it when it was in its old forgotten condition, how different is the new one? I want to be able to ride it, to see the surroundings that aged with it. My post/status in Facebook got a lot of comments and usually the "inggiteros" that I love wanted to come and ride the trains as well.

The MIS blocks were represented. Karen for S, Lau for S1, Me for S2, and Vic for S3. Not bad. We missed the planned schedule by 5 minutes. Five minutes. Five. Minues. Makes one appreciate every minute that passes by. Next train in an hour. What to do? Burn time. Tutuban Center Mall was just across, actually it's the landmark to be able to locate the PNR Station. PNR Tutuban Station = just behind Tutuban Center Mall. Anyway, so we decided to go to the mall while waiting for the next trip. The waiting game became a food trip for everyone. Yet the highlight was the mendicant.

A kid was pestering us and was begging for something. Liao offered her chicharong bituka to the kid but he shook his head. Karen offered her siomai but the kid doesn't want any of it. Liao was furious and told the kid, "Beggars can't be choosers." Yes, she said it in English and didn't bother if the kid understood it or not. Hahaha.

Kid = 0; Vic Liao = 2

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

MORAL: We want what we do not have. We have been riding the LRT 1 and 2 for years, and have experienced riding the MRT as well. There's one more railway left, the PNR, and we haven't experienced it for quite a long time. This fascination is nothing new, we have been wanting to connect to what has been there all along. These things we have forgotten; now that we have the time and now that we have ran out of excuses, with only ourselves as the barrier, doing it, going for it, not knowing if it will live up to our expectations, is totally worth it. If not now, when?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surfin' Zambales

March 10-12, 2010

May nagsabi Silent Retreat daw ito.
Puwede. Pero hindi official.
Pero puwede pa rin.
Dahil pinatahimik ako ng dagat, buhangin, mga kaibigan, at higit sa lahat, TOLL FEE.

bakit masarap sa zambales,
sa anawangin at sa san narciso?

gumulung-gulong ako sa buhangin.
pilit binabaon ang aking mga binti.
tumalikod ako sa malaking alon at itinulak ako nito pabalik sa pampang, kasabay ang pagpapakain nito sa akin ng alat, buhangin, at bato.

First time matulog sa buhanginan
at pagmasdan ang mga bituin sa kalangitan.

At oo, tinamaan ako ng bola sa ulo,
muntik nang isaksak sa akin ang bote ng vodka - dapat daw ubusin.

Sabi nga ni Francine:

Sand Castle
Mangga bagoong
Chicken Feet
Chips, Drinks, and More!

Aral: Sa totoo lang, hindi siya tula. Iyan lang talaga ang kaya ko i-type. Haha.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just 5

I almost neglected my blog! Some drafts. :)

March 5 was action-packed!

We shot the LipDub for our MIS batch. With no actual preparations involved.
I hit my knee on the tricycle and the driver was hysterical because it actually bled. While my friend offered to just fan the wound out. (Weird? Yes.)
I was Alice. Alice in Taco Bell.
Watched the real Alice. "I need a pig here!"
Went back to school for the COA/Sanggu Graduation/Induction.
Afterwards, jammed ourselves into a Civic and looked like we were drunk driving because of the humps.
Ended the action-packed day with food, (super lots of) drinks, political talk and corny jokes from a drunk PolSci major, Rock Band, and hassle of going home late. (But all thanks to Perth, we're fine!)

MORAL: I need a pig here, to rest my feet.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ghost Prank

I think if this one happens to me, seeing a white girl standing on a corridor staring the freak out of me, I honestly don't know what to do.

I think I would do a shocked stick to the other side of the corridor reaction with a mouthful of Shhh. Yep. I think I won't be able to finish the one-syllable cuss word.

MORAL: What goes around comes around.

Lady Gaga - Telephone

I loved this even more when Marie Digby did an acoustic cover for this song. Yes. There was a full circle. From Lady Gaga, to Marie Digby, and back to Lady Gaga.

Once you kill a cow, you have to make a burger. - Lady Gaga

Now let's all ride in the Pussy Wagon.

MORAL: When you don't have any excuse, just say it's art. 'Cause there's a possibility that it could be art. Abstract.

Oh Yeah, March 2

March 2, 2010.
Oh yeah, the last day of class.
The day our teacher finally let go of the last requirement.
The day we went to eat at Banapple instead of going to Cubao X.
The day we decided to spend more money by playing Rockband after eating, instead of going straight home.
The day we murdered each song in the Rockband playlist.


MORAL: There are games that are meant to be played with more people. Learn how to have fun.

Spontaneous March

March is giving me the opportunity to live out the adventures I have only dreamed of before. It's always because one doesn't have the time to do it, there are other commitments, or there is simply no interest. However, March has shown me the power of attraction and now, I have a message to all of those inhibitions from the past: STFU. Hahahaha. (Okay, I guess I drank too much homemade gulaman.)

Let's start with: MARCH 3, 2010. The Day Spontaneity Was Born

I went to school for clearance. I just needed to submit one final form for the transfer of organization funds to the next President. Aww, my term is over already. Anyway, a lot were still doing their clearance forms and so I hung out with them. I saw Karen and she was like "Let's go eat isaw in UP!" I don't eat isaw but then I want to go somewhere else. After my clearance was already done, I decided to pass it some other time (which is a big mistake haha). I went with Karen, Ralph, JM, Lau, and Apple to UP and had our fruit shakes, fish balls, their isaws, the failed quest for gulaman, and the funny search for the "halo-halo made like a pro" which when we finally saw the place, we didn't buy. We spent a few good minutes on that search. And who would forget the crazy blast from the past c/o Karen's iPod.

This is Ralph and he is filthy rich with loose change. Haha.

After UP, we went to Antipolo and enjoyed the overlooking. It was JM's first time to eat isaw and be in Antipolo's overlooking inuman areas.

And then we went straight to Lace's place. For the "hmm, inom tayo?" moment. Surprise! What was thought to just be a 4-person drinking session became a... how many were we then? 10? It's good nonetheless.

MORAL: Things don't always go as planned. So don't swear by your planner.