Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cherry Bomb and the Turista

Cherry Bomb! Chchchchchcherry bomb!

Okay, I'm not the biggest fan of The Runaways but girl bands kick-ass. I just posted this because I'll probably be watching this when it gets released whichever comes first - cinema or torrent. Ha! Download heaven.

However, when I saw this movie poster, two three things came into my mind.

1. Dakota Fanning has evolved! She's not the little kid talking to pigs and horses anymore. It's like she had a growth spurt just for this movie. She looks really nice in here and I know she can complement that with her acting skills which her co-star greatly lacks.

2. Kristen Stewart looks like a drag queen here. Haha! Or maybe this is just not her best photo in the bunch. But heck, they released this anyway so she has no choice.

3. I want to watch this movie whether it will be junk or not.

And then there's another thing, the more important thing. I've been wanting this hairstyle for so long. Well, since I'm the sun at the moment, I've been really making up with all the summers I have passed on by for academics. Now, I've been catching up with some other kind of learning. Learning and experiencing nature. 

I used to watch slasher movies and other thrillers just because I watch movies like crazy. When I saw this movie, I predicted the plot and the ending without batting an eyelash. Yet, Melissa George showed me a dream. I'm just sure that I need to get a job first before having my hair braided like this. Otherwise there's a high probability that I would show up in job interviews sporting cornrows. 

MORAL: Most people fear the unknown. I have read somewhere that we love looking for patterns and trends because we want to have control and explanation to everything. Well, not everything works for everyone. Some just like the unknown because of its uncertainty, with whatever surprise they're going to get, whether it will be a birthday cake that explodes in their faces or some pot of gold from a visiting leprechaun. Surprises are good, if you're up to it. It's about the thrill after all.

Actually, I just made that MORAL part right there. I just want to post this video. Cherry Bomb! I'm still not a fan of Kristen Stewart. Sorry.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Secret Spells of the Charmed HornyPotter

Charmed Season 2 Episode 1 is the ultimate test for the Halliwell sisters. The Book of Shadows was stolen by some demon called Abraxas. Now the previous demons and spirits they have driven off are coming back one by one (being casted by the Abraxas), they have to remember all the spells they used to vanquish them. One by one, they have to remember it on the spot or else, they'll be as good as gone.

This is just like what happened to my interview a while ago. Probably the unluckiest interviewee ever as I got the most technical interview I have ever experienced. And upon sharing the questions asked to me, my friends attested that my interview was really... tough and they laughed at me because they probably found the questions preposterous. Who would in their right minds ask me in an interview the questions in my Systems Analysis and Design final exams for both semesters? Define, defend, enumerate, and differentiate. Good heavens.

Or if we play the fate card, maybe the company is not really for me.

MORAL: The Halliwell sisters and the writers of Charmed agree that "everything happens for a reason." And I have been one of its fans. So I'm only left to believe that maybe everything happens for a reason. Actually I just don't believe, I hope.

And how am I coping up with the aftermath of the interview? I'm watching Charmed, downed chocolates like a genuine 5-Star sweet tooth, and hello, that iced tea looks really refreshing. Oh oh, episode 1 of season 2 just ended. Hello, P3 is on the way! The best "club" or bar eveeeeeeer!

I Am the Sun and the Hair

You know how Filipinos are all over whitening creams and having fairer skin? Have you met? Natural papaya in your skin! Avocado and milk, not for dessert, but for whiter, fairer skin! Be fairer in 3 seconds flat! The advertisements can go on and on and all the products will whiten before your eyes. I'm just waiting for the day that there would be Pinoys as white as bond papers.

So what to do? Most of us dread the sun and all its deadly rays. When people (especially girls) see any shade and possible shield from the darkening powers it has, people go there for protection and continuity of their quest to be bond-paper-white-or-fair. Oh well. People always want what they don't have.

And just like some of my entries, I can turn this topic around and make it about me!

So what's the thing right now? The last time I haven't dodged the sun was when I was taking swimming lessons and I have learned my lessons really well, including not swimming from 7am until 4pm, with short breaks in between for food and my mom reprimanding me to stop swimming. I swear my eyeballs were the only fair parts of my skin, with arms, legs, neck, and back all colored like soot.

I have not been the greatest fan of the sun for a long time because I can't stand its brightness (duh I don't look at it directly). When the sun is at its highest, my eyelids need to pried open so I can see anything. And yes, my tennis suffered when I tried playing outdoors. Nooooooo!!!

Now, there's still this thing called sunglasses and I can see even when the sun is up! Hoorah for the inventor of this thing. Haha. I dislike wearing sunnies and caps before, so when the time came that I'm brave enough to wear them, it's like I have tasted freedom. Now that school's out I have been going around the country visiting and experiencing new sights and sounds. I have been stuck inside our house for all I can remember and I'm trying to experience the natural beauty of our country. I also think I ran out of excuses from going elsewhere because I don't have schoolwork or org-related stuff as scapegoats anymore. I used to say that I'm not a beach person, well just because I hate the sun. Now, I don't give a crap about being dark or something. If I get darker skin, oh well, it was truly worth it.

Or is it because I know that my skin color would go back to its usual state after all of my trips and tours. Selfish girl.

MORAL: If there's one thing that prevents or hinders you from doing and experiencing what you want, I guess it's time to face that crap and bury that shiitake mushroom so you could be able to see what's beyond that mountain. 

I'm still looking forward to my weekend trips with my upcoming island hopping and more beach-loving.

This baby can save your skin. It won't prevent you from being darker when you stay under the sun but then there is this thing called skin cancer from all the UV rays, gamma rays, photochemicals and all.

Monday, April 26, 2010

On Films and Cameras: Goodbye, Holga

If I were to establish a camera shop, focus would be on cost-leadership. Ok. That thought ends there.

Most of the people I have dealt with whether they're buying cameras, inquiring about them, or buying films never fail to tell me, "I really thought you were an older person," or ask me "How old are you again?" I don't know if it's because I look younger or they don't expect people my age tinkering with cameras that still use films, much more selling them. Not everyone born in the digital age wants to stay there.

I posted an ad 2am earlier, selling my Holga camera with some films. Just like the buyer's question, why did I decide to sell it? My Holga still looks nice and all with its original box and instruction manual (of course I kept the Holga book haha). I told the buyer that I decided to sell it because I don't think I would be able to continue it once I start working, because the moment I start earning money I would definitely think twice before spending it on film processing and all, unlike when I was still a student. Funny, she was buying my camera for the exact opposite reason. She's using the film camera as a way of unwinding from work-related stress. I laughed and told the buyer maybe in a few years, when she decides to sell the camera, I would buy it from her.

So, Holga, thanks for the memories and the lessons you taught me. 

Love the sun, shoot from the hip, let loose, don't stress yourself over your photos, and let life surprise you.

MORAL: C'mon life, surprise me and make it sweet. ☺

Tali Beach - Nasugbu, Batangas

April 21-22, 2010

I have been swimming almost three times a week and been practicing the different strokes and turns. I don't have plans on becoming a professional swimmer anytime soon. I just feel like I'm working on borrowed time so I'm making the most out of it. No Regrets - remember? It's like I have been attracted by the magnets of water, sun, and sand. Last week, some of my blockmates and I went to Tali Beach at Nasugbu, Batangas. I have been to Batangas and some of its beaches before but I haven't set foot on Nasugbu, Batangas. As long as I haven't been there or visited the place, I will be present in a heartbeat. (So if you want to go somewhere and is looking for an adventure buddy, as long as I haven't been there, I'm so there.)

Tali Beach is pretty secluded and you rent it by the house. However, the place where we stayed was convenient because they already have plates, cutleries, a working stove, water dispenser, microwave, rice cooker, refrigerator, cable TV, etc. You just bring food and drinks. When you walk to the right side, there's a really small cave, good for taking pictures and all while the left side has this rock staircase.

Your personal beach right here.

MORAL: Our trip was short but sweet, considering that the original number of people was halved because of  job searching - related endeavors. Yeah, I'm still not focusing much energy on job hunting. Blame me. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Smash A Tennis Racquet

EDIT: I added a photo of Vera Zvonareva.

If Marat Safin can smash racquets like he's quality testing them, the female species have someone to present as well. She can bitch like Serena Williams, cry like Anna Chakvetadze, and can be as violent as Dinara Safina or the king of tennis violence, Marat Safin.

Here's a smashing protege, presenting: Vera Zvonareva

Here's a photo of Vera smashing her racquet in a more creative way. I love this person.

And then here's to the Master of smashing racquets like they're made of... jello.

Frustration is a really nasty thing. When you know you can do something and can do it regularly, then you suck up at the most important moments in your life, like let's say you're already on the brink of losing a match with your mental self, frustration tastes like (insert the name of a food you really hate here). And when you're an athlete, particularly a tennis player, smashing racquets or hitting yourself or something else with your racquet is usually the most convenient way to blow off that burning steam.

If you're a professional tennis player, smashing racquets is a very entertaining thing to do. However, if you're not a professional tennis player, that thing is just plain crude and .... expensive. Just shout your lungs out. That'll be better and cheaper. Or hit the net. I know I did.

MORAL: If it works for you, do it. As long as you don't piss off the crowd, they're paying your salary.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to Bring and What to Eat in Outings

Beach trips and outings are being planned every week. And every time there's one, people scamper everywhere thinking of what to bring and what to eat. Well, mostly what to bring because usually there's a sacrifice who'll do the dirty work of planning the food and cooking as well.

Things to bring:
- sunscreen and sunglasses
- anti-mosquito lotion (if you want to or if needed)
- dry clothes (shorts, pants, socks, extra shirts, underwear which is very important)
- wet clothes (those you can offer to the waters, such as swimsuit, board shorts, etc.)
- swim accessories such as goggles, fins, etc. (if you have or if you need to)
- towel
- jacket
- toothbrush (this, you cannot borrow)
- umbrella (it might freaking rain, you know climate change, right?)
- tissue
- first aid kit
- toiletries (lotion, shampoo, soap, etc.)
- plastic bags (one for trash and another for wet clothes)
- dry bag (for your spoiled clothes)
- extra money (seriously, this is important)
- speakers and music player (optional but definitely a must! Ahahaha!)
- extra water and snacks (aside from the group water and snacks)
- phone and charger (if it's more than a day)
- CAMERA and charger (or at least secure that someone will bring one)

Food plan. Ideal when most people don't know how to cook or if you just want to stuff food into your stomach.

Meal Options: (I'll add more to this list if I get the chance to add more.)

1. Carbo Combo ~ Suggested combination for outings or trips on a budget with a lot of men. Hahaha. Why? I'm going to be sexist on this, okay - Men eat more than women. Well, unless you have me in your group.

Pasta - This is very easy to cook because you just put the noodles into a pot and fill it with water. Then you just sit on your arse and wait for it to be cooked, checking the noodles from time to time if you think it needs more water or not. Dude, don't forget to drain the water.

Pasta Sauce - Unless you have all the time in the world or you have someone to cook for you, I suggest you just buy ready-to-consume sauce from the grocery. The beauty of this is that after your Pasta is done, you could just open the jar containing your sauce and then dump the sauce on top of your freshly cooked pasta.
* You could opt to mix canned tuna into the sauce.

Buttered Toasted Bread - Butter the bread and then toast it. Serve with the pasta. Good job.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Therapeutic Feeler

For the longest time I have been thinking of buying a notebook that is of really good material and won't really get lost easily. Something I can easily find, something distinguishable when mixed with the loads of old notebooks I have in all the different places. I'm not looking for Moleskine's tickler-sized notebooks because I can't write anything there. I think.

So still being the eco-friendly person I want to believe I am (actually I just don't want to spend money for a new notebook), I decided to just use the remaining stock of fillers I have left at home. Good deal, right? So I have been doodling and writing on this one filler for quite some time now.

Before I left for our Visayan Extreme Adventure, I kept my filler somewhere else out from other people's sight because I think if they chance upon it, they will find out for themselves the answer to their question, "What are you always writing?" Well, there are no sex scenes inside the filler (sorry to disappoint others) nor does it contain my deepest darkest secrets. I would not leave possible evidences. I just don't want people looking at it because of 2 reasons: 1.) They won't understand it anyway; 2.) It's my therapeutic doodling receiver.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All-Time Fave: Not Black nor White

After Ghost Whisperer, Glee, Desperate Housewives, Dollhouse (the amazing awesome show that's practically over), The Vampire Diaries, The L Word, Pushing Daisies (ended, too - do the shows I like cut off just because I like them?!), New Amsterdam (first season was cut, wth is wrong with me?!),

nothing beats the one I love.

(I'm not talking about Annoying Orange. What's wrong with you?!)

There are those I leave in the dust. Those that I still try to revisit because I'm trying to see and look through what my friends (still) love to watch about them. There's Gossip Girl (can't stand the face of Blake Lively and Pen Badgely sorry y'all), Chuck (I think the wait was too long and absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder; sometimes it makes the heart forget), Big Bang Theory (seriously, when Leonard and Penny became a couple "whada?! It's so obvious!" was my reaction), and True Blood (still working on it). If I missed out some shows that I have watched, then it's probably not worthy of the space in my memory.

Some tv series are awesome for people because they could watch an alternate world wherein their desires, frustrations, fantasies, and other dreams are being lived out by actors. And all they can do is watch and see other people live out how it would have been if it were them. Sad but true.

I'm having that, with Grey's Anatomy (I won't discuss the nature of the show here so just read about it). Or I would like to believe that I am. Reading about and seeing how my friends are entering med school make me think and ask those what-ifs, those what if I really took a pre-med course instead of MIS? My brother even told me on my freshman year that if the show was aired on my senior year in HS, I won't listen to my parents who were offering me an alternative from medicine.

Grey's Anatomy. Keep it good.

Pretty good is not enough. I want greatness.
- Dr. Cristina Yang

Fine. Keep it great.

"Attendees teach with enthusiasm. Residents learn with enthusiasm. So are with interns. When the interns fail the resident fails with them."

"We're surgeons. We cut out malignancies. We can start with people."

MORAL: Click. I guess why Grey's Anatomy just clicked for me is that there are no characters that I dislike. I even like the bar guy and the nurses! With Glee, there's Finn and Rachel. Goodness, when will those two stop being annoying? In Gossip Girl (dormant for me) there's Serena and Dan. In The Vampire Diaries, there's Stefan. Don't give me the "you just hate the lead characters/actors" card.

And this is the show with the most quoted lines (that are really worthy to be quoted) ever. The writers really put thought into this show. So don't keep on posting those Glee quotes. They're not even in the same category.

This, is Annoying Orange. You'll love this fruit and all the things it does. Hahaha.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Water Dilemma

The water level in the dams are already very low and with the current season, it's going to get worse. It's not only in Manila/Luzon that this situation is currently experienced, even in the Visayas.

There was this question. Which scenario would you prefer when suddenly the water runs out? (A) While you're taking a dump; or (B) While you're taking a shower.

So which is it? A or B?

Some respondents said we could do what Westerns do - use the toilet paper. Others beg to disagree, they said that's plain gross and unhygienic so they prefer that the water supply gets cut off while they're taking a shower because they can just cover themselves with a towel and go out which is unlikely if you're taking a dump - going out without cleaning yourself. And pro-B people said at least they won't stink like pro-A people.

A or B? Your call. If we don't do something about our current situation it's most likely both are going to happen to anyone of us anytime soon. And I don't need to experience it to say with conviction that IT WILL BE HELL when that happens.

MORAL: Conserving water should be a lifestyle. Being environment-friendly is not a fad, it's fast becoming a necessity now. Last year we were all about floods and rainy season. This year it's summer all year-round and let's face it, you can't drink the saltwaters of Boracay or Zambales. Unless you want to drink soda/sports drinks until you cry them out.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruegel

See humankind's indifference to suffering.

MORAL: Don't fly too close to the sun, Icarus. It'll be your last one.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Revue

So now I'm just posting YouTube clips of the songs I am currently enjoying.

MORAL: Some songs are about the lyrics. Some are about the artist (whether or not they actually make sense). And some songs are just delightful to listen to. This is one of those songs that would make you feel mirthful and all.

Definitely a "Drug Song." Yep.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paramore Live in Manila (March 9, 2010)

March 9, 2010

Why Hayley is such an a** to be a photo subject:
- She moves a lot.
- She really moves a lot.
- She has a really light skin color so the camera's freaking having a difficult time adjusting.
- Her leopard-print pants is really distracting. I can't seem to concentrate to the music and the performance.

Why Paramore's concert is epic:
- I think a lot of people almost died in the Gold section because of all the swerving, moving, pushing (!!!!!), and sweating involved.
- A lot of people cannot bear the heat and didn't have the endurance to breathe each other's body fumes and carbon dioxides.
- Have I mentioned a lot of pushing?
- The shirt's freaking Php900 but it smelled imported or "stateside" according to Ave.

Thanks, Ave, for introducing Paramore to my ears 4 years ago.
I never looked back ever since.
Thanks, Li, Wins, and Ave's friend, for making my Paramore concert not a solo experience (which I extremely do not like).

MORAL: And the worst part is before it gets any better off we're headed for the cliff.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Para Kay B at Sa Akin

Gustong hablutin ni Jordan si Irene, ikulong sa mga bisig niya at saka hingan ng tawad. Nagdaraan na sila ngayon sa ilalim ng arko ng dalawang kerubin. Pero nang lumapit siya kay Irene, pagkakita sa kanya'y galit na umiwas ito ng tingin. Wala silang imikang sabay na naglakad. Pero sorry nang sorry ang aspaltadong kalsadang tinatapakan nila.
Ganito lang, simple. Biglaan, isang pangungusap sa binabasa kong libro ang tumalab sa akin. Hindi ako napilitang kopyahin ang maikling talata mula sa aklat at nobela ni Ricky Lee na may pamagat na "Para Kay B." Tumigil ako sa pagbabasa para lang maulit ang mga salita.

Sorry nang sorry ang aspaltadong kalsadang tinatapakan nila.

Ganito narin siguro ang sinasabi ng mundo sa akin, sa tuwing nadidismaya ako sa mga nangyayari sa paligid, sa tuwing umiinit ang ulo ko, sa tuwing pinaniniwalaan ko na kailangan ko ng anger management classes, sa tuwing pakiramdam ko nabibigo ako sa aking mga inaasahan mula sa ibang tao.

ARAL: Pantay-pantay tayo sa pagkakataon sa pag-ibig. Walang quota, walang statistics. Dahil sa simulang naniwala ka sa statistics at nagpalamon ka na rito, bahagi ka na nito.

Sabi nga ni Ricky Lee sa kanyang nobela,

Kapag nagmamahal ka'y dapat mong tanggapin bawat letra ng kanyang birth certificate. Kasama na doon ang kanyang libag, utot, at bad breath.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Submarines - You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie

The Submarines is one of those bands that I like the first time I hear them. They're not those that have to grow on me before I can say I like them. I actually first fell in love with their song, "Xavia" which was played in the movie "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist." A movie that is pointless but amazing because of the songs that they played there. Makes me want to burn mix CDs and label them according to my mood.

And here we are in the center of the first world
It's laid out before us, who are we to break down?

Everyday we wake up, we choose love, we choose light
And we try, it's too easy just to fall apart

Plastic bottles, imported water
Cars we drive wherever we want to
Clothes we buy, it's sweatshop labor
Drugs from corporate enablers
We're not living the good life
Unless we're fighting the good fight
You and me just trying to get it right

In the center of the first world
It's laid out before us, who are we to break down?

MORAL: Cause when our hearts are full, we need much less.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Forever Awesome

Now I look back, March has been pretty kick-ass for me.

Adventures (Cebu-Bohol, Zambales)
Spontaneous Trips ( ♥ )
Concert (Paramore, baby!)
Beaches (Panglao, Anawangin, and San Narciso)
(and) More Parties
Graduation ☺

March 2010. The best month, full of friends and of golden memories.

It hurts that it's over but it's so beautiful it makes me love life.

Forever Awesome.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Earth-Bound Spirits Whisperer

On through Season 5, I have been watching Ghost Whisperer since its pilot episode. I can't remember how I came across this tv series. Hmm, really. Now this thought will bug me until I remember. I think I'm the only person who watches this show but it's still good that they're continuing it. Or is it just because Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the executive producers? Anyway, the show deals with the life business - the living and the afterlife.

After they die, some spirits go into the light while some stay and become earthbound spirits. They roam the earth without any sense of time, so the spirit of 1500's would not notice the difference or the length of time even if it's in the 3000's already. Whether or not the Earth is still alive by then doesn't matter.

Some of these spirits still have unfinished business left and some are disoriented. They do not know they are dead or can't accept the fact that they are. They have the ability to manipulate energy and this is very much evident in electricity. Yes, flickering lights can be a sign. And then there are those who stay at the place of their death. So, crime scenes are no-no (unless you want to go ghost hunting).

And there are those who do not want to go into the light because they feel they are not worthy enough. So they stay and do things to make them redeem or even earn some self-respect. So that's probably why there are more unfriendly spirits scattered around and roaming the earth.

Overall, it's creepy enough to know that sometimes spirits are powerful enough to hurt the living. Some are stubborn enough to refuse leaving earth and go on in their mischievous tricks, playing on the living. It's unfair that they can do things and being dead doesn't make them any wiser, doesn't make them any less of a douche. If you want drama and creepiness, this is for you. Or if you just want to see Jennifer Love Hewitt, this is it.

Ghost Whisperer: Creepy Horror + Tearful Drama

Want a bonus? This becomes creepier because of the mentions of different occults, witchcraft, and cult groups. And I believe this thing because? Because Jennifer Love Hewitt says so.

Then there's imprint haunting. When a ghost is attached to an object and it lives out the traumatic event over and over again until it figures out how to make it right. Living out a traumatic event on a loop. Creepy.

MORAL: Being a graduate and still unemployed can make one watch a lot of movies, tv series, and reflect on it. Boo.