Sunday, April 18, 2010

All-Time Fave: Not Black nor White

After Ghost Whisperer, Glee, Desperate Housewives, Dollhouse (the amazing awesome show that's practically over), The Vampire Diaries, The L Word, Pushing Daisies (ended, too - do the shows I like cut off just because I like them?!), New Amsterdam (first season was cut, wth is wrong with me?!),

nothing beats the one I love.

(I'm not talking about Annoying Orange. What's wrong with you?!)

There are those I leave in the dust. Those that I still try to revisit because I'm trying to see and look through what my friends (still) love to watch about them. There's Gossip Girl (can't stand the face of Blake Lively and Pen Badgely sorry y'all), Chuck (I think the wait was too long and absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder; sometimes it makes the heart forget), Big Bang Theory (seriously, when Leonard and Penny became a couple "whada?! It's so obvious!" was my reaction), and True Blood (still working on it). If I missed out some shows that I have watched, then it's probably not worthy of the space in my memory.

Some tv series are awesome for people because they could watch an alternate world wherein their desires, frustrations, fantasies, and other dreams are being lived out by actors. And all they can do is watch and see other people live out how it would have been if it were them. Sad but true.

I'm having that, with Grey's Anatomy (I won't discuss the nature of the show here so just read about it). Or I would like to believe that I am. Reading about and seeing how my friends are entering med school make me think and ask those what-ifs, those what if I really took a pre-med course instead of MIS? My brother even told me on my freshman year that if the show was aired on my senior year in HS, I won't listen to my parents who were offering me an alternative from medicine.

Grey's Anatomy. Keep it good.

Pretty good is not enough. I want greatness.
- Dr. Cristina Yang

Fine. Keep it great.

"Attendees teach with enthusiasm. Residents learn with enthusiasm. So are with interns. When the interns fail the resident fails with them."

"We're surgeons. We cut out malignancies. We can start with people."

MORAL: Click. I guess why Grey's Anatomy just clicked for me is that there are no characters that I dislike. I even like the bar guy and the nurses! With Glee, there's Finn and Rachel. Goodness, when will those two stop being annoying? In Gossip Girl (dormant for me) there's Serena and Dan. In The Vampire Diaries, there's Stefan. Don't give me the "you just hate the lead characters/actors" card.

And this is the show with the most quoted lines (that are really worthy to be quoted) ever. The writers really put thought into this show. So don't keep on posting those Glee quotes. They're not even in the same category.

This, is Annoying Orange. You'll love this fruit and all the things it does. Hahaha.

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