Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cherry Bomb and the Turista

Cherry Bomb! Chchchchchcherry bomb!

Okay, I'm not the biggest fan of The Runaways but girl bands kick-ass. I just posted this because I'll probably be watching this when it gets released whichever comes first - cinema or torrent. Ha! Download heaven.

However, when I saw this movie poster, two three things came into my mind.

1. Dakota Fanning has evolved! She's not the little kid talking to pigs and horses anymore. It's like she had a growth spurt just for this movie. She looks really nice in here and I know she can complement that with her acting skills which her co-star greatly lacks.

2. Kristen Stewart looks like a drag queen here. Haha! Or maybe this is just not her best photo in the bunch. But heck, they released this anyway so she has no choice.

3. I want to watch this movie whether it will be junk or not.

And then there's another thing, the more important thing. I've been wanting this hairstyle for so long. Well, since I'm the sun at the moment, I've been really making up with all the summers I have passed on by for academics. Now, I've been catching up with some other kind of learning. Learning and experiencing nature. 

I used to watch slasher movies and other thrillers just because I watch movies like crazy. When I saw this movie, I predicted the plot and the ending without batting an eyelash. Yet, Melissa George showed me a dream. I'm just sure that I need to get a job first before having my hair braided like this. Otherwise there's a high probability that I would show up in job interviews sporting cornrows. 

MORAL: Most people fear the unknown. I have read somewhere that we love looking for patterns and trends because we want to have control and explanation to everything. Well, not everything works for everyone. Some just like the unknown because of its uncertainty, with whatever surprise they're going to get, whether it will be a birthday cake that explodes in their faces or some pot of gold from a visiting leprechaun. Surprises are good, if you're up to it. It's about the thrill after all.

Actually, I just made that MORAL part right there. I just want to post this video. Cherry Bomb! I'm still not a fan of Kristen Stewart. Sorry.

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