Monday, April 05, 2010

Earth-Bound Spirits Whisperer

On through Season 5, I have been watching Ghost Whisperer since its pilot episode. I can't remember how I came across this tv series. Hmm, really. Now this thought will bug me until I remember. I think I'm the only person who watches this show but it's still good that they're continuing it. Or is it just because Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the executive producers? Anyway, the show deals with the life business - the living and the afterlife.

After they die, some spirits go into the light while some stay and become earthbound spirits. They roam the earth without any sense of time, so the spirit of 1500's would not notice the difference or the length of time even if it's in the 3000's already. Whether or not the Earth is still alive by then doesn't matter.

Some of these spirits still have unfinished business left and some are disoriented. They do not know they are dead or can't accept the fact that they are. They have the ability to manipulate energy and this is very much evident in electricity. Yes, flickering lights can be a sign. And then there are those who stay at the place of their death. So, crime scenes are no-no (unless you want to go ghost hunting).

And there are those who do not want to go into the light because they feel they are not worthy enough. So they stay and do things to make them redeem or even earn some self-respect. So that's probably why there are more unfriendly spirits scattered around and roaming the earth.

Overall, it's creepy enough to know that sometimes spirits are powerful enough to hurt the living. Some are stubborn enough to refuse leaving earth and go on in their mischievous tricks, playing on the living. It's unfair that they can do things and being dead doesn't make them any wiser, doesn't make them any less of a douche. If you want drama and creepiness, this is for you. Or if you just want to see Jennifer Love Hewitt, this is it.

Ghost Whisperer: Creepy Horror + Tearful Drama

Want a bonus? This becomes creepier because of the mentions of different occults, witchcraft, and cult groups. And I believe this thing because? Because Jennifer Love Hewitt says so.

Then there's imprint haunting. When a ghost is attached to an object and it lives out the traumatic event over and over again until it figures out how to make it right. Living out a traumatic event on a loop. Creepy.

MORAL: Being a graduate and still unemployed can make one watch a lot of movies, tv series, and reflect on it. Boo.

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