Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Am the Sun and the Hair

You know how Filipinos are all over whitening creams and having fairer skin? Have you met? Natural papaya in your skin! Avocado and milk, not for dessert, but for whiter, fairer skin! Be fairer in 3 seconds flat! The advertisements can go on and on and all the products will whiten before your eyes. I'm just waiting for the day that there would be Pinoys as white as bond papers.

So what to do? Most of us dread the sun and all its deadly rays. When people (especially girls) see any shade and possible shield from the darkening powers it has, people go there for protection and continuity of their quest to be bond-paper-white-or-fair. Oh well. People always want what they don't have.

And just like some of my entries, I can turn this topic around and make it about me!

So what's the thing right now? The last time I haven't dodged the sun was when I was taking swimming lessons and I have learned my lessons really well, including not swimming from 7am until 4pm, with short breaks in between for food and my mom reprimanding me to stop swimming. I swear my eyeballs were the only fair parts of my skin, with arms, legs, neck, and back all colored like soot.

I have not been the greatest fan of the sun for a long time because I can't stand its brightness (duh I don't look at it directly). When the sun is at its highest, my eyelids need to pried open so I can see anything. And yes, my tennis suffered when I tried playing outdoors. Nooooooo!!!

Now, there's still this thing called sunglasses and I can see even when the sun is up! Hoorah for the inventor of this thing. Haha. I dislike wearing sunnies and caps before, so when the time came that I'm brave enough to wear them, it's like I have tasted freedom. Now that school's out I have been going around the country visiting and experiencing new sights and sounds. I have been stuck inside our house for all I can remember and I'm trying to experience the natural beauty of our country. I also think I ran out of excuses from going elsewhere because I don't have schoolwork or org-related stuff as scapegoats anymore. I used to say that I'm not a beach person, well just because I hate the sun. Now, I don't give a crap about being dark or something. If I get darker skin, oh well, it was truly worth it.

Or is it because I know that my skin color would go back to its usual state after all of my trips and tours. Selfish girl.

MORAL: If there's one thing that prevents or hinders you from doing and experiencing what you want, I guess it's time to face that crap and bury that shiitake mushroom so you could be able to see what's beyond that mountain. 

I'm still looking forward to my weekend trips with my upcoming island hopping and more beach-loving.

This baby can save your skin. It won't prevent you from being darker when you stay under the sun but then there is this thing called skin cancer from all the UV rays, gamma rays, photochemicals and all.

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