Monday, March 29, 2010

Just 5

I almost neglected my blog! Some drafts. :)

March 5 was action-packed!

We shot the LipDub for our MIS batch. With no actual preparations involved.
I hit my knee on the tricycle and the driver was hysterical because it actually bled. While my friend offered to just fan the wound out. (Weird? Yes.)
I was Alice. Alice in Taco Bell.
Watched the real Alice. "I need a pig here!"
Went back to school for the COA/Sanggu Graduation/Induction.
Afterwards, jammed ourselves into a Civic and looked like we were drunk driving because of the humps.
Ended the action-packed day with food, (super lots of) drinks, political talk and corny jokes from a drunk PolSci major, Rock Band, and hassle of going home late. (But all thanks to Perth, we're fine!)

MORAL: I need a pig here, to rest my feet.

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ryAn said...

Si JM ba yung friend mong may fan dito? haha