Monday, April 26, 2010

On Films and Cameras: Goodbye, Holga

If I were to establish a camera shop, focus would be on cost-leadership. Ok. That thought ends there.

Most of the people I have dealt with whether they're buying cameras, inquiring about them, or buying films never fail to tell me, "I really thought you were an older person," or ask me "How old are you again?" I don't know if it's because I look younger or they don't expect people my age tinkering with cameras that still use films, much more selling them. Not everyone born in the digital age wants to stay there.

I posted an ad 2am earlier, selling my Holga camera with some films. Just like the buyer's question, why did I decide to sell it? My Holga still looks nice and all with its original box and instruction manual (of course I kept the Holga book haha). I told the buyer that I decided to sell it because I don't think I would be able to continue it once I start working, because the moment I start earning money I would definitely think twice before spending it on film processing and all, unlike when I was still a student. Funny, she was buying my camera for the exact opposite reason. She's using the film camera as a way of unwinding from work-related stress. I laughed and told the buyer maybe in a few years, when she decides to sell the camera, I would buy it from her.

So, Holga, thanks for the memories and the lessons you taught me. 

Love the sun, shoot from the hip, let loose, don't stress yourself over your photos, and let life surprise you.

MORAL: C'mon life, surprise me and make it sweet. ☺

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Lesnar Carwin Fight Video said...

i will never ever ever sell my Holga... it's just a gem of a camera. 'sides there's so many trips that I made tugging my Holga along and I maybe too sentimental about it but it's almost like a part of myself. :)