Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Secret Spells of the Charmed HornyPotter

Charmed Season 2 Episode 1 is the ultimate test for the Halliwell sisters. The Book of Shadows was stolen by some demon called Abraxas. Now the previous demons and spirits they have driven off are coming back one by one (being casted by the Abraxas), they have to remember all the spells they used to vanquish them. One by one, they have to remember it on the spot or else, they'll be as good as gone.

This is just like what happened to my interview a while ago. Probably the unluckiest interviewee ever as I got the most technical interview I have ever experienced. And upon sharing the questions asked to me, my friends attested that my interview was really... tough and they laughed at me because they probably found the questions preposterous. Who would in their right minds ask me in an interview the questions in my Systems Analysis and Design final exams for both semesters? Define, defend, enumerate, and differentiate. Good heavens.

Or if we play the fate card, maybe the company is not really for me.

MORAL: The Halliwell sisters and the writers of Charmed agree that "everything happens for a reason." And I have been one of its fans. So I'm only left to believe that maybe everything happens for a reason. Actually I just don't believe, I hope.

And how am I coping up with the aftermath of the interview? I'm watching Charmed, downed chocolates like a genuine 5-Star sweet tooth, and hello, that iced tea looks really refreshing. Oh oh, episode 1 of season 2 just ended. Hello, P3 is on the way! The best "club" or bar eveeeeeeer!

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