Monday, April 19, 2010

Therapeutic Feeler

For the longest time I have been thinking of buying a notebook that is of really good material and won't really get lost easily. Something I can easily find, something distinguishable when mixed with the loads of old notebooks I have in all the different places. I'm not looking for Moleskine's tickler-sized notebooks because I can't write anything there. I think.

So still being the eco-friendly person I want to believe I am (actually I just don't want to spend money for a new notebook), I decided to just use the remaining stock of fillers I have left at home. Good deal, right? So I have been doodling and writing on this one filler for quite some time now.

Before I left for our Visayan Extreme Adventure, I kept my filler somewhere else out from other people's sight because I think if they chance upon it, they will find out for themselves the answer to their question, "What are you always writing?" Well, there are no sex scenes inside the filler (sorry to disappoint others) nor does it contain my deepest darkest secrets. I would not leave possible evidences. I just don't want people looking at it because of 2 reasons: 1.) They won't understand it anyway; 2.) It's my therapeutic doodling receiver.

When I was about to look for it, kaboom! It was just like that. It's like Eyjafjallajokull (that's the volcano in Iceland in case you're wondering) exploded in my face. I totally forgot where I kept the filler! Nooo!!! Either I forgot where I placed it or it got moved from its original hiding place (which was not really a good hiding spot in the first place). The last legit thing I remember is that I stashed it in one of the paper bags in our room. Oh goody, a paper bag is the easiest thing to get and throw elsewhere. Considering how thin fillers are, my therapeutic filler could be anywhere right now! It could be sandwiched inside a thicker book, it could be stuffed in a boxed set, it could be under anywhere.

Until now, I haven't found my filler. My stories are aching to be written down on paper.

MORAL: If you're going to keep something, keep it somewhere really safe. But what's more important is that you keep it somewhere you can remember. -_-

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