Friday, April 16, 2010

Water Dilemma

The water level in the dams are already very low and with the current season, it's going to get worse. It's not only in Manila/Luzon that this situation is currently experienced, even in the Visayas.

There was this question. Which scenario would you prefer when suddenly the water runs out? (A) While you're taking a dump; or (B) While you're taking a shower.

So which is it? A or B?

Some respondents said we could do what Westerns do - use the toilet paper. Others beg to disagree, they said that's plain gross and unhygienic so they prefer that the water supply gets cut off while they're taking a shower because they can just cover themselves with a towel and go out which is unlikely if you're taking a dump - going out without cleaning yourself. And pro-B people said at least they won't stink like pro-A people.

A or B? Your call. If we don't do something about our current situation it's most likely both are going to happen to anyone of us anytime soon. And I don't need to experience it to say with conviction that IT WILL BE HELL when that happens.

MORAL: Conserving water should be a lifestyle. Being environment-friendly is not a fad, it's fast becoming a necessity now. Last year we were all about floods and rainy season. This year it's summer all year-round and let's face it, you can't drink the saltwaters of Boracay or Zambales. Unless you want to drink soda/sports drinks until you cry them out.

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Mark Bautista said...

sa shower na lang. kasi pwede ako kumuha sa water dispenser namin ng pang-banlaw (may hot pa yun, o di ba)

pero kung ganoon yung case, hindi pwede habang nagnu-number 2 ako or else super malamig or mainit na tubig lang ang manggagaling sa dispenser namin. :|