Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to Bring and What to Eat in Outings

Beach trips and outings are being planned every week. And every time there's one, people scamper everywhere thinking of what to bring and what to eat. Well, mostly what to bring because usually there's a sacrifice who'll do the dirty work of planning the food and cooking as well.

Things to bring:
- sunscreen and sunglasses
- anti-mosquito lotion (if you want to or if needed)
- dry clothes (shorts, pants, socks, extra shirts, underwear which is very important)
- wet clothes (those you can offer to the waters, such as swimsuit, board shorts, etc.)
- swim accessories such as goggles, fins, etc. (if you have or if you need to)
- towel
- jacket
- toothbrush (this, you cannot borrow)
- umbrella (it might freaking rain, you know climate change, right?)
- tissue
- first aid kit
- toiletries (lotion, shampoo, soap, etc.)
- plastic bags (one for trash and another for wet clothes)
- dry bag (for your spoiled clothes)
- extra money (seriously, this is important)
- speakers and music player (optional but definitely a must! Ahahaha!)
- extra water and snacks (aside from the group water and snacks)
- phone and charger (if it's more than a day)
- CAMERA and charger (or at least secure that someone will bring one)

Food plan. Ideal when most people don't know how to cook or if you just want to stuff food into your stomach.

Meal Options: (I'll add more to this list if I get the chance to add more.)

1. Carbo Combo ~ Suggested combination for outings or trips on a budget with a lot of men. Hahaha. Why? I'm going to be sexist on this, okay - Men eat more than women. Well, unless you have me in your group.

Pasta - This is very easy to cook because you just put the noodles into a pot and fill it with water. Then you just sit on your arse and wait for it to be cooked, checking the noodles from time to time if you think it needs more water or not. Dude, don't forget to drain the water.

Pasta Sauce - Unless you have all the time in the world or you have someone to cook for you, I suggest you just buy ready-to-consume sauce from the grocery. The beauty of this is that after your Pasta is done, you could just open the jar containing your sauce and then dump the sauce on top of your freshly cooked pasta.
* You could opt to mix canned tuna into the sauce.

Buttered Toasted Bread - Butter the bread and then toast it. Serve with the pasta. Good job.

2. Fried or Grilled

Chicken or Pork Chops- To save money, instead of buying specific parts of a chicken, just buy the whole thing and then do your own chopping.
* Bread Crumbs - optional but would be good if you're planning to deep fry them.

Soup - Pour, mix, wait. Easy as 1-2-4.

Rice - It's also fill the pot with the grains and fill it with water. However, if you can't do it, bring a rice cooker. Makes life easier.

3. Breakfast for Cheapskates

Eggs - You can do it in any other way you can. But if you want to maintain equality, sunny side ups are easier to distribute equally amongst members.

Hotdog - Jumbo ones are already enough to suggest "one jumbo piece per person only" so it's easier to monitor than cocktail hotdogs wherein your friends just swallow them whole. Geez, people, learn to chew your food.
* Don't forget ketchup.

Bread or Rice - Pick your poison. 

4. The Filipino Pride

Adobo - Chicken, pork, or both, this one is the "ultimate outing food" because it's cheap and doesn't spoil for a long time. Haha. You can eat it even if you don't reheat the thing! Recipe can be found here.

Salted Eggs and Tomatoes - Perfect side dish for the Adobo.

Rice - Adobo, rice, and salted eggs and tomatoes is equal to love. Geez, I'm hungry already.

MORAL: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.


Mark Bautista said...

I salute you for making this.

Gop said...

Outing Survival 101, haha.