Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ana From the Wilderness

Why Ana Ivanovic is always a delight to watch:

- She can wear a dress. And with Ana, she can wear a potato sack and people will call it haute couture, with orders for a potato sack dress flooding in. Point of comparison: Even if I'm also a fan of Caroline Wozniacki, Stella McCartney dresses look wa(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)y better in Maria Kirilenko.

- Hearing the 3-level sound everytime she plays the ball. It's a shame to call it grunting because it's more of music when Ana does it. Three levels - first, when she prepares to hit the ball; second, when she hits it; third, when she follows through. Yes, there are 3 different distinct sounds that are expressed in one fluid music. Just like that.

- She's very demonstrative when she wins a point. You could hear a loud "right there!" when she pulls off a winner or when her shot just kisses the line. There's the self-motivating "come on!" and a lot of movements.

- Aside from her "right there!" and "come on!" two liners, she's also animated. Her celebratory movements (when she wins a point) are very dramatic. Haha! Her fist pump has a lot of combinations, she can have her own "command list" ala Tekken. There's an uppercut, there's a small leg swing done alongside a fist pump, there's stooping really low with a small fist pump, and there are really lots of variation on this.

- Her blistering forehand. Really good especially when she sets up for the winner. It burns.

Bonus: Reward yourself with anything when you get the chance to see her mom smile while watching in the player's box. She rarely smiles even if her daughter wins a match. Emo-tion-less. I refuse to say it's botox.

MORAL: Your distinctions, your quirks, people notice them and some even find them awesome/funny/cool. Whoever said tennis is boring should try watching curling and golf. When you're at an all-time low and you have nothing left but yourself, think of the only thing possible: There's nowhere to go but up.

Order of play for tomorrow's Internazionali BNL d'Italia QuarterFinals in Rome:

L. Safarova vs M. Martinez Sanchez (Caro lost wtfudge!)
S. Williams vs M. Kirilenko (Maria has nice trapezius)
V. Williams vs J. Jankovic (2-time Rome champion)
A. Ivanovic vs N. Petrova

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