Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Barbie and Kitchie Meets the Jovovich Triplets

While we make planet Earth really warm and then complain about the sun, God sent me to Music One.
- Confusion

Yes, the Milla Jovovich(es) - triplets.

Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal are my Filipina/Filipino music icons. Say hi, say hey, say "Jesus loves you, yes He does", both artists are amazing. Barbie has the ultimate fingers of a true guitarist. She slides effortlessly and plays riffs and solos one can only do in Guitar Hero. She has a sing-song saintly voice and the way she sings live is just like listening to her tell a story. (My sister agrees that she's suited for praise and worship.) Then someone sings a catchy song with really good straightforward lyrics and that distinct voice still haunts you even after the song has ended 20 minutes ago. You just heard how Kitchie Nadal sings.

I still believe in my 5 Hook Point Star (I'll tell you about it soon) and how it's turning the cosmos to grant me balance. After walking around Makati like a madman tourist, bombing restrooms with submarines, more walking commenced inside the mall and just for kicks paid a visit in Music One. Then... I saw it! Finally. Barbie Rocks the Big Dome is one of the things I have been searching for for quite some time. Actually, I was able to watch this concert with my brother because he's a fan as well but the real thing was that my mom paid for his ticket to be my chaperone (he had to act like he doesn't want to watch it because my mom would make him pay for his own seat -- The Oscars for Best Actor goes to.... my brother). And because I was incessant, we were seated really near the stage. I can almost see Barbie and Kitchie's tonsils while they were performing.

So in a heartbeat, I got the CD and purchased it. Mwahahaha!


Happy and contented, I waltzed around the store carrying my prized possession. Somehow my tarsals brought me to the movie area where I could just criticize and bash how DVDs cost too much and also murder the movies that were poorly done. I held out my hand and it was magnetized to a blue box with three girls as the front cover. RESIDENT EVIL TRILOGY!!! I have been delirious about a boxset of Resident Evil ever since I saw it at another store closer to home. Don't BS me with just downloading the movies because I have all of them (plus the animated one) in my hard drive already. I really like Resident Evil (though I'm not as much a fan of the other zombie movies that do not really have plots) and there's nothing the antivirus can do. Rarararara!

MORAL: Something good will come your way! You can't sing all you like, 'cause people still need money for food. Sing all you like, people still need people who have money - to give money for food.

Barbie got it right in her song (which is also my ringtone that is perfect for the unemployed) "Money for Food" when she said:

Maybe I should stay in school
And learn to make a living
Selling things that I don't love

We've experienced that drought and we've been at that crossroad, to pursue what we love and most probably just be remembered by a few, or learn to making a living and be buried in banknotes and checks.

And just because I really am feeling generous in posting lyrics, here's another by Barbie Almalbis.

Shiny Red Balloon

Maybe it's not true
Love on the TV
Just like we imagine it
And it's so hard to do
When there's always some distraction
A shiny red balloon
That spoils everything

I'm keeping my affair in a book
Such practical and harmless vice
But I'm feeling it could end up painfully
and the TV should apologize

I'm keeping my affair in a book
My long and lonely compromise
How can you live like that my dear
Well we do

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