Monday, May 03, 2010

Britney Spears - Telephone

Yes, it's the song Lady Gaga and Beyonce rocked the world with. The song with a killer music video that is almost ten minutes long but worth every minute of it. Well, Lady Gaga looked better before her The Fame Monster days (remember "Just Dance" and "Poker Face?"). Now, she looks like....

Lady Gagita feat. Haronce

Rumor has it that Lady Gaga wrote the song and asked Britney Spears to record it but she said otherwise. Those events always happen, when the original artist declined to record what would be the next big thing. Mary J. Blige was asked to record "Umbrella" (which eventually went to Rihanna) and was the first person Jay-Z had in mind to sing "Empire State of Mind." I admire Mary J. Blige for declining "Umbrella" because she said it was too mainstream. You go, girl!

So Britney made a demo of the song for whatever purposes she had in mind. Maybe she got bored I don't know. I'm a Britney fan ever since she hit me baby one more time. Haters go away.

Of course, when there's an original version, we cannot help but compare. This is too techno and Auto-Tuned but perfect for dance parties and Britney Spears Day (it's still on its way on becoming a real holiday).

MORAL: There are no accidents. First love never dies.

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