Monday, May 03, 2010

The Charmed Ones

The triquetra is a very cool tattoo design. Haha.

You probably know this series from your hippocampus, from your spinal column, from your bursa, from your spleen, from your vena cava. That is if your parents allowed you to watch television when you were younger, or when you sneak out to watch tv.

The Charmed ones. The three Halliwell sisters - Prue, Piper, and Phoebe with their basic (because they grow stronger and evolve) powers of psychokinesis, being able to freeze time, and the power of seeing the future or the past.

Witches. Good witches. Well, they cast themselves as witches because their lineage says so. They're still stuck at that label. They don't consider themselves "special," "gifted," "mutants," "evolution," or something just like the other people with powers. Witches who use potions and a spell book sans the magic wand? Hmm. Makes them stronger than Harry Potter. Mwahahaha.

Whatever it is the Book of Shadows is the ultimate bomb. It is worth every rainbow and leprechauns in the world. It is the ultimate spell book, the wikipedia of witches or anyone involved with the occult. Just make it rhyme, put your mind into it while chanting it, and kapoof! The power of three will set you free! No wonder most of the evil warlocks are after it.

The plot per episode is not at its best as it's very predictable but nonetheless, downright very entertaining. Watching it again is a memory game, wherein suddenly you know parts of that episode but can't pinpoint the details of the events that transpired. You could also see the evolution of graphics and special effects in television. From the initial graphics that could make you laugh instead of be awestruck, you can see the furtherance of the industry.

If you're wondering on why there are four Charmed ones, don't even get me started.

MORAL: Living by with the principles that nothing is coincidence and that use thy powers to protect the innocent and not to punish the guilty needs a bit of getting used to. I used to think before that if my brother was a girl instead, we could be the 3 sisters as well. The Charmed ones. Instead, we're the Doomed Ones. Haha. Whether you just want to watch Alyssa Milano (I know my brother did) or see how powerful the occult network is, or maybe just have the time to spend on watching a kick-ass tv series, this is it. Charmed. Action, mystery, magic, music (starts with the P3 bar in the 2nd season), and a really crazy opening theme.

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