Thursday, May 06, 2010


This entry is not about the student group in Ateneo which bears the same name. This is about the television series with the name, Dollhouse, and all the glory it deserves.

A television series must have something in them to make me forget I have ADHD.

Dollhouse touches on the issue of identity, morals, and ethics. This is a good show for those taking Philosophy subjects, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Moral Ethics.
When someone's free they get to make mistakes. Am I free?
There is a mix of the Matrix and Monsters, Inc. in itself as well (in the 2nd season)!

Technology and morals have gray areas. Are you actually helping people with what you have by giving them the opportunity, the environment to decide for themselves if they want to put a pause button in their lives and wake up, 5 years after, richer and feel like nothing happened?

Live in connected minds full of people's fears they continually live in without knowledge that they're in a loop so that the adrenaline could be used as energy because the brain is the most advanced and powerful processor in the world. OKAY. Read that again in one breath. In a nutshell, it's The Matrix and Monsters, Inc. with the alternative world in a vegetative state while the brains are used as processors and power for the mainframe. AND oh, plus Big Bang Theory, with the corny but funny nerdy jokes and all.

DOLLHOUSE IS SO AWESOME WHY DID THEY CANCEL THE SHOW?! Or at least end in with just 2 seasons under its belt.

I have been delaying watching the last few episodes of this show just so I can frustratingly prolong it. And after almost a month, I finally watched it. Another really (really) good show off to Neverland.

"It would still be you but more you." --> Echo is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there'll ever be.

When are you going to be yourself? With your memories and personality? Body? Both? When the brain meets the body.

Then there are the weird things like at one point in the series the memory/imprint of a dude goes into a woman's body. This woman cleaned/wiped out of her "original" self realizes that she is really not this dude, she somehow got fragments of her "original" self. And then she falls for a guy, is she gay or not?

If your whole personality or memory gets wiped out, you are still yourself. A "new" you nonetheless.
If your memory gets imprinted to someone else's body, it's you and that person's self. A "new" person. Still and always.

Okay. The show is just so awesome it puts me through hell thinking of everything. Beats the whole crap and shiitake out of me. And I think I messed up this entry. No need to rub it in, I get it.

MORAL: If the technology exists, it cannot be uninvented. Even though some shows have really good plots and quote-worthy scripts, if they don't meet the number that the network wants, it's going to the attic. And the fans who have sworn before that they will be loyal in watching the series do not have any choice but to rant and go emo about the show they loved and write an entry about it. Just like this one.

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