Sunday, May 16, 2010

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Batangas is really accessible if you want a good beach trip even if it's just for the day. Depending on the designated driver and if there are no candidates doing last-minute motorcade campaigning, going to Laiya in San Juan, Batangas is easy-breezy. Although, it's somewhat difficult to go there without a private vehicle, there are ways to reach the area with public transportation.

There are different kinds of beaches for me. There's the swimming beach, the wading beach, and the wavy beach.

Wavy beaches are for boarders. Those who want the waves crashing into them or drowning them. True story. This kind of beach is not recommended to those who do not know how to swim. Or even drunk swimmers.

Swimming beaches gradually become deeper (no surprise drowning parts) and usually have fine sand. They have clear waters so you could still see if a jellyfish is coming or not. This is like a vast salty swimming pool. That's the lousiest description I have made.

Wading beaches are.... the chillout beaches. You just dip, go splashing into the water. That's it. Your personal bath tub sans the soap and shampoo. You just sit there, admire the water, the view, and wait until the sun sets and your skin look like raisins.

Laiya is definitely the swimming type.

Laiya can boast its fine sand and really swim-friendly beach. They have a lot of resorts and you can check some here. The fine sand stretches from the resorts and you can swim until you fear that you're already going deep into the South China Sea. When you're already there, aside from swimming, running around, doing cartwheels, and rolling in the sand (okay, I like doing this), some resorts (and even boaters) offer different water activities. You could do snorkelling, island hopping (haven't tried this in Batangas yet), jet skiing, or even ride the banana boat. We went the weekend just before the elections and there were a lot of people. Not Bora nor Puerto Galera - much, but just enough to keep the sands busy and the resorts fully occupied. The sand is not as white as in Panglao or in Boracay, but they're as fine as in those mentioned. Also, the water is not as clear as in Nasugbu, but really, do most people mind that? Well, aside from me, of course.

If you want a more secluded resort, La Luz Resort is farther and although the sand there has more rocky fragments meaning you just can't walk barefoot (actually the rocky area is just a strip along the fine sand weird I know), personally, La Luz is more beautiful. Well, we go to the beach for different reasons anyway. Others want people, others want privacy, while others just want to go to the beach.

Here are some photos in La Luz (circa 2008).

Just some tip, just like what we did in Bohol (oh crap, I haven't written an entry about that trip!), choose the cheaper/cheapest resort you can find (unless you're staying for a couple of days) because you can still walk around the area and swim from all ends for the same price that others paid. The water is a property of the government (so you can swim even in front of the most expensive resort there) and the resort owners only control the area where they have their resorts constructed upon.

MORAL: Pure shore is pure bliss. It's about the beach. When it's really warm, we always want to go swimming. Opening your refrigerator doesn't help. Everywhere is a good place for a photoshoot!

Also, if you have mouth ulcers or some Canker sores, swimming in the beach is a good thing. It's like gargling saltwater while having fun. Then.... you'll be dehydrated. Cool, right?

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