Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Project 721

You handpicked your songs for your mp3 player. I have been loading Moses, my black iPod Nano (1st generation, baby!), with songs from all over the planet. It has the most diverse playlist with Japanese songs, classic compositions, pop songs, electro, soundtracks, and all other genre. Thing is, I have been immersing myself with all kinds of music but I noticed that I always find myself waiting for the next song, choosing which one will suit my mood. HAH! Times change! I should've been just creating ten thousand playlists instead. I've been reading randomness lately and I stumbled upon the thought that if I chose my songs, I would definitely listen to it and not press the next button.

Okay. Plan was I'll choose Shuffle Songs option in my player and live listen through whatever's playing there. Whether She&Him is playing while I'm jogging or when BEP's cracking my earphones while I'm studying.

721 songs. Not bad, afterwards, I'll update my iPod with those I really want to listen to. No more "what song would other people want to listen to" thoughts in my head. Yes, it was the "iPod ng Bayan" because you'll find something you like in my iPod whatever it is.

It took me quite sometime in listening through all of them and resisting the urge and the reflexes of pressing the next button when the song doesn't seem right for my ears.

I miss this. Some songs from my Top 25 Most Played (I noticed a lot are from Vanessa Carlton, I guess I listened to her nonstop when I was learning to play the piano):

Hands On Me
When It Rains
The One
Wine Red
Misery Business
Go On Girl
I'm Feeling You
You're Beautiful

Good times. :)

MORAL: Surprises are generally good. Even in music.

And since I am feeling generous right now, I will just share some lyrics from Plumb's song Real from the album Beautiful Lumps of Coal:

A little dress to draw the press
And I'll be leaving
All the rest behind

Well be pleased girl
If this is what you wanted
The whole world is watching you take the stage
What will you say

I numb the ache and decorate
My emptiness
Stand naked in the light

Well be pleased world
If this is what you wanted
This young girl is everything that you made
What will she say

Aren't I lovely
And do you want me cause
I am hungry for something that will make me real
Can you see me and
Do you love me cause
I am desperately searching for something

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