Monday, May 17, 2010

Stars Are Blind II

Remember this? When Jupiter and Venus surprised Manila by visiting us? I swore a lot of people went paparazzi over them. Well, I guess Venus didn't get much attention in other places so she went back a while ago.

I didn't take the picture nor am I claiming I took it. My sister and I saw it after we attended Sunday service. Oh, goodie. It's a lunar eclipse watched by Venus and the rest of the world. Lycans were not able to transform. Sorry, dudes. Eclipse is coming into theaters this June anyway.

MORAL: Your face lights up the sky on the highway. Never in my life have I been more sure, so come on up to me and close the door. Nobody's made me feel this way before, you're everything I wanted and more.

Try looking at the sky at night. When the stars are there and you still look with awe, it goes both ways. Either you haven't been taking some time to look at the beauty around you, or our world is just awesome and even if you keep on admiring it, it will always blow you away.

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