Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DJ Mashing Up

The Philippines now has a new president in the name of Benigno Aquino III. Yay! A good day deserves good music!

DJ Earworm. I've never seen this before until today. Yup. I live under a rock and have a fishbowl over my head. Nonetheless, I'm impressed. I think I bobbed my head throughout the music. So that explains the neck strain.

I'm now a fan.

MORAL: If you have problems of choosing which song to play first, these kinds of music would definitely suit you. You get to listen to a lot of music in less than 5 minutes each!


Seriously, am I really considering this an almost-weekly thing? (I guess this will just be a bi-weekly thing.) I'm just copy-pasting Marian Rivera's infamous one-liner and the moral of all these posts. Yet, there are a lot of people out there who are really striking. Pun intended.

He certainly has a lot more better photos but this came to me like a dream. So yeah, Cristiano Ronaldo is our pretty photo/face of the week.

Seriously, I think I have to stop this. Or just do it a little less frequently. Ho-hum.

In Marian Rivera's wise words or word or mouth instead: Bee-yoo-tee-fool!

MORAL: When you're feeling down and when you think the heavens have conspired to make your day terrible, look at these people. God sent them to make you smile. Or salivate.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

International Photographer

Just a really random post because I saw it in Joppet's account.

I remember this photo, this moment. This was when we went to Macau. And for that trip, 2 people asked me to take their photos. First was when we went to Macau Tower and this Japanese dude asked me to take his photo. I remember that, he posed behind the Why Live On The Edge When You Can Jump Off? slogan of Macau Tower. And then this: a Western couple just asked me out of nowhere to take their picture with the Ruins of St. Paul behind them. (Joppet took a photo of them while I was taking theirs as well. Freaks.)

When we went to Cebu, my friends and I were taking a lot of photos of each other while we were in Crown Regency (Sky Walk floor). Then an old Korean couple asked me to take their photo. Twice. @___@

Just weird. Do I have that "I can take your picture if you want" vibes coming out from my body?!
And because I can't say a big juicy NO, I took their photos.

MORAL: I AM NOT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. I need to have a shirt with that printed on.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wet Grass and Hair of Tennis

This is that time of the year again. When the world goes gaga over green grass, white clothes, and silence when someone starts serving that ball 120 miles per hour.


Tennis is a very brutal sport for the self-conscious, preppy, "I want to look really good" people. When you're a professional tennis player, you get interviewed right after you win or lose a match. Yeps. Freaking right after finishing a match, while you're still dripping and sweating like a pig. No time for fixing your hair or your collar. Just enough time to wear the watch you're endorsing while the interviewer is leaping towards you. When you win a title, the awarding is right after the match as well, just so you can wear your jacket and compose a speech on how great your opponent is.

You know post-match press interviews? Players are given just a few minutes to shower or have a change of clothes (they usually do the former) and are compelled to show up for the interview. (If they don't show up to the mandatory post-match press, they have to pay a fine. Yes. Brutal.) This is why you see a lot of players looking like a mess while they're being interviewed by the press.

Certainly, tennis is bipolar. They want the players to look good and feel their best before and during play (for advertising) but afterwards, go for broke - wet hair, sweaty clothes, dirty shoes, dripping caps. Tennis is not for chokers.

MORAL: Welcome to sports entertainment. :)

Pure Not So Pinoy Big Fun

A lot of people are saying, it's Pinoy Big Brother, but why are there a lot of international contestants? Heck, the last two teen big placers were "teenternationals."

Ryan the funny Korean who's the main reason people watch Pinoy Big Brother won second place. While James the Australian heartthrob who did absolutely nothing inside the house won the main prize.


I have nothing against race, I mean, I'm the only one I know who's not complaining about the international contestants of Big Brother. Just because it's franchised here in the Philippines doesn't mean that foreigners or those without Filipino blood (but they can speak Bisaya and Tagalog!) cannot join the useless fun that PBB offers.

Well, I'm still not a big fan of Big Brother, I still think it's useless - shows the "reality" of how pathetic some people could be, doesn't prove how one could be "worthy" of staying inside the house, and doesn't really deserve the airtime it should. But because it's a contest and there's money involved, I rest my case.

I was able to watch this season because Sanny and Belle really like watching Ryan while my sister loves dissing Tricia. Bottomline, I don't know why the fudge James won. I prefer him over Ivan in the aesthetic level but no - James over Ryan? Gimme a break. I'll just put Pyramid on a loop and listen to Charice Pempengco belt out her lungs.

MORAL: Well, if you think more about it, half of what's shown in the television is "dumb" anyway. It's all for brainless entertainment. You give them your time, they make you smile, and they earn money for it (advertisements and those who work for the production team). Who loses? (Aside from our IQ points and sense of something else?) You won't read a book anyway.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Rainbow's Colors

So Vanessa Carlton pulled an Anna Pacquin. Megan Fox and Lady Gaga said it before as well. (In case you have no idea what I'm typing here, just "bing" it. Fine, "google" it.)

And so what, half of the world now's bisexual anyway. Honestly, Anna Pacquin coming out like that was very strategic because she can have it both ways! Post-modern people and the LGBT community would hail her as a hero, while the conservatives would judge her first but won't send her to hell because she's engaged to a man anyway. Yes, Stephen Moyer, her costar whose name is like a counterpart to Stephanie Meyer. The vampires are playing a really cruel joke here.

My sister welcomed me home the day that news spread out, "Oh, yung favorite mo bisexual daw." Yes, she's my favorite female pianist who can sing.

My friend told me, "Kaya pala ganun ang songs niya..." He was obviously referring to White Houses and maybe even the video of Pretty Baby. Hmm...

(We're being exposed at this time and age. Even in media. What used to be so taboo's being shown worldwide now. They have infiltrated our tv series, there's an awesome lesbian doctor in Grey's Anatomy and now someone in Desperate Housewives slept with her housemate who happens to be an ex-stripper. And now I think she's being written off. NOOOO!!!!)

Back to the topic, honestly, it was an "oh really?" moment deserving an "ahh, okay" response from people. Why? I have already mentioned it above. Half of the world's bisexual anyway.

If Maria Shriekapova claimed she's really gay and/or she's an adroid, I would not be surprised either. If Aiza Seguerra gets a mother role, that would elicit a "Holy Shiitake!" from me. Or if Jejomar Binay says Mar Roxas is the real Vice-President of the Philippines, that would be a better shocker and a real epiphany or revelation for me.

MORAL: Life would be easier if you (can) just choose with either black or white. Yes it would be boring if we always have our ways easily. So what do we do? Confuse ourselves? Have more options? With the earth constantly rotating and revolving, nothing's as easy as black or white anymore. (Even 1 plus 1 is not always equal to 2 anymore! Ask your Philosophy and Management teachers for more information.) There are shades of grey (or gray - you even have more options for the spelling!) now, even periwinkle and all the colors of the rainbow, come to think of it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Apple Made Eve Do It


She came out into the world the 3rd time Lynette Scavo was pregnant. She's Tom and Lynette's 4th kid and the only girl in the family (aside from the mother duh). She ran away because her parents forgot about her birthday and they even got her name wrong for her cake, which flavor is just her second favorite. And all those confusion's because her mom was having another baby girl in her womb. She hates "that thing" inside her mom because she won't be the baby girl anymore.


She's a former supermodel who has 2 kids and is a very spoiled housewife. She gets almost everything she wants from her husband who (loves her and) earns a whole frigging lot. She misses the single life, being the boss in the house (her eldest child, Juanita, is now the brat), and just plain doing nothing at all. When her daughter Celia got the chicken pox, and she hasn't experienced it, she lived with her gay neighbors and was reminded of how exciting drinking and partying were - the life she used to live having no responsibilities in exchange of a life with her kids and family. She has a very different style of parenting. As her husband would say it, thanks to her negligence, their kids became independent and resourceful. Nice one, Carlos Solis.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

There Is No Need To Explain Beauty

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie. Portman in the house to make you smile.

In Marian Rivera's wise words or word or mouth instead: Bee-yoo-tee-fool!

MORAL: When you're feeling down and when you think the heavens have conspired to make your day terrible, look at these people. God sent them to make you smile. Or salivate.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Confirming Weird Wicked Wednesday

Note: All stories are true-to-the-core and no parts were made-up for whatever reasons. Also, this entry was written without consumption of any abused chemicals and formulations. Even soda. You know that soda is unhealthy but you always choose not to believe so.

I somehow forgot to add from last week's Weird Wicked Wednesday entry about my friend Pao's and my bus experience. Seriously, when I experienced it and then Pao told me his story, I can confirm that Wednesday is pretty wicked. We sat quietly on our rotating chairs and contemplated about life for 2 minutes.

My bus story:

I was stuck in traffic, yes I have mentioned that. My 20-30 minute ride (inclusive of traffic) became worse. Three people (2 girls and 1 guy) got into the bus and sat in front. When the bus stopped just before EDSA and we're waiting for the green light, the guy who was wearing sunglasses and a cap suddenly went to the back end of the bus with his video camera. Weird and creepy suspicious dude. Then the two ladies turned to face the remaining unknowing passengers. One girl started by "Mga mommies..." and brought up a really kick-ass huge can of Lactum. Another was holding up a cardboard with flip-throughs showing different images related to kids, to the milk, and to learning. In case you got lost: Either they were auditioning for something or just promoting the brand, and after their spiel which the creepy guy recorded, they even took pictures and just sat down again. Like nothing happened. It was that moment when you thank God for earphones, music, and mp3 players. It was when passengers looking straight ahead for the road suddenly twisted their necks to see the left and rights of the bus.

I chose to ride a jeepney the next day and all the days after.

Pao's story is short but definitely has a striking effect that lingers after you have heard it:

He was running late so he rode the first bus he got himself into. It was an "ordinary" bus meaning it doesn't have airconditioning. You have to endure the polluting, lung-threatening traffic and fumes of EDSA with open windows wishing every second that you get to your destination quick. So, their open-windowed bus was moving along EDSA when a truck carrying pigs to their death-tination came right beside them. I guess the sudden stopping and accelarating in EDSA scared the poor animals or there was a crack on the road, the pigs decided to jump or whatever, and then suddenly, the bus passengers near the windows screamed their lungs out. They also jumped to the other side cursing and bickering because brown stuff from the truck splashed into them. Pao had some on his pants and good thing he didn't stink or else we'll kill him.

What's that brown stuff? Go figure.

MORAL: The animals are back for revenge. They won't go down without a fight, striking when you really don't expect it. Life's definitely an adventure and commuting doubles your chances of experiencing a life-altering moment in your journey. Fun, fun.

Friday, June 11, 2010

No Reason for Beautiful People

Inspired by Jessica Zafra. Every so often, I will post pictures of awesome people. I will do my best of not posting Marat Safin's pictures a lot. I know it's a tough thing to restrain myself from but others can have the spotlight, too. We don't need a reason to post a picture of a beautiful person.

Beautiful men and handsome women.

As Marian Rivera would say it, "Bee-yoo-tee-fool!" God bless you, Marian. You are Psychology.

Presenting Feliciano Lopez, a professional tennis player from Spain.

Even if there is no need for a reason, there is always a moral. ☺

MORAL: When you're feeling down and when you think the heavens have conspired to make your day terrible, look at these people. God sent them to make you smile. Or salivate.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Weird Wicked Wednesday

Wednesdays are weird. Well, not all the time but when something makes you say, WTH, check the date. It's on a Wednesday. I have read not a long time ago that Wednesday is the day with the record of most number of suicides occurring. Whether people jump off the ledge, slit their wrists vertically, or drink silver cleaner, suicides are more frequent on Wednesdays. They said it's because there are a lot of work on Mondays and Tuesdays, then the weekend is still far away. So what better thing to do but welcome a 6-wheeler head on.

So how was my Wednesday? Well, I was welcomed by a freaking traffic along Ortigas. I blame it to Poveda (ha!). So there. I arrived almost one hour after my intended time of arrival. Good thing there was Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs and there was no one in our department. Btw, Lakers won. Take that, Boston! To make it weirder, a lot of people actually came to the office today. Idk, is it like "let's go to the office" day? My friends just shrugged their shoulders when I asked them.

There's really something weird in Wednesdays. My sister told me about their Wicked Wednesdays in the restaurant, I got mine today. When my sister was still working in the restaurant industry, they had "random" Wednesdays wherein there would really be a lot of people in the restaurant like they're panic-eating or something.

And, I stumbled upon the new music videos of my favorite artists. I have posted Paramore and Lady Gaga's, and here's the last one. Michelle freaking Branch.

MORAL: When there are days, there really are days just like today.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

After Telephone, people are now fine with Lady Gaga releasing epic (regarding time) music videos. Now, she just released Alejandro (watch video above, return here after 8minutes and 44 seconds). Personally, I'm not really all "oooh I love this soooong!" over Alejandro but wth, who cares. Whatever Lady Gaga does now, it sells like freaking drugs (pancakes are expensive). When I watched the video, like all Lady Gaga music videos, I started to doubt my intelligence. I question myself on the whereabouts of my critical thinking skills, my comprehension, my IQ, all of me. My sister gave me a good "there, there" and I started creating my own story behind the video. I'm not in the mood to research about the video so I asked her, "Is it because Alejandro was killed in a war and she remembers all the times they were making love, and since he's dead, she joined the convent?" or "Did she become a nun because Alejandro made love with men while he's in the war?" When I asked those questions, that was when I realized something.

It's Lady Gaga. Don't think. Just hate or love her.

MORAL: The more you see someone stripping off one's clothes, the more the taboos are being presented and being offered like discount coupons to anyone, that means something. Either eventually we'll be indifferent to these things, or that what we consider "moral" are being tested. The inverted cross, the rosary, male dancers doing sexy/weird choreographies, I can't wait till The Vigilant Citizen strikes again. Hahaha.

EDIT: So after people have expressed their opinions and their unsolicited interpretations on Lady Gaga's new music video, Yahoo releases something about it as well. At least my initial thoughts hit a part of it. I like the "demonization" part. Good one.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Paramore - Careful

This is the music video of "Careful."

Yes, there are scenes from the "Thrilla in Manila" aka Paramore's concert here in the country and a jeepney. Nice video, very personal because parts were from their Brand New Eyes Tour around the world. They had iconic clips of the different places they have been (e.g. Eiffel Tower), thus, there's the Philippine Jeepney. Oh yeah.

Paramore is pure genius.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Phone Stars

I just found some of these photos in my phone. Screenshots and images that were captured before and never shared with anyone. I guess it's time to share them to anyone who lands on this blog.

Exhibit 1: This photo was taken while I was touring the new library in Ateneo. I looked out to see the baseball field and this scenery caught my attention. A lone blue car whose driver/owner was so astounded by the empty parking spaces s/he decided to take a couple. If the driver did a parallel parking, I would go down and leave this person a certificate of appreciation. If you can't decide on which slot to take, park anywhere. Good.

Exhibit 2: Whenever I see vegetarian-friendly food in the supermarket, whether they are filled with preservatives or not, I put them into the cart when my mom's not looking. This vegetarian instant noodles is different. There's a freaking swastika on the packaging. Yeah, the symbol can be attributed to different religions, but it's commonly linked to the Nazi Germany. Nazi German Chinese instant vegetarian noodles. That's too much for me to take, the ad won. I bought three packs.

Exhibit 3: This is an ultimately freaking screenshot of a text message I received way back. It's the type of random text messages forwarded to postpaid subscribers by those companies or institutions who have nothing else to do. I thought it was a prank but seriously, I also see messages like this in my spam! What's wrong with the world?! Or maybe with me? And for the record: I DO NOT HAVE ERECTILE PROBLEMS. Jeez.

MORAL: I'm sure you have received messages like that before. You may have seen a lot of times drivers park like madmen, and food packaging gone wrong. Whatever the printers, advertisers, or drivers have in mind when they did those things, I sure hope they don't mean it. Or they were just bored. Go check your spam mail if you don't believe me. You probably won the lottery, too.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Truth About Dieting and Exercising

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for whatever happens to you - whether you develop crab arms, have psychological illness, become obese/anorexic, excrete your bowels on the process, or develop any other unintended medical shizzles. This entry was written based from first-hand experience and from stories/tips from friends and relatives who are really cool people. To be honest, I just wrote this because I need to update my blog. Haha. 

"Hey, (insert name here)! I haven't seen you in a long time. You became... fat. Dude, what happened?!"

"The hell with diet! I'm gonna run or jog until my legs wish they were arms instead!"

"I feel so fat. Huhuhu. *chomps on 5 low-calorie Quaker Oats Cereal Bar*"

When people hear that you exercise or you participate in some physical activity, either they'll make fun of you or offer you more food. True story.

For me, I think the best exercise out there is swimming. Your whole body gets to work like a madman and most people don't swim because it'll make them darker. Yes, chlorine can make you dark, and Filipinos are gaga over having fairer skin. OK, I'll stop ranting.

If you...

1. Want to lose weight

The real thing is to have a light snack before you exercise. Exercise on a schedule you can keep. Don't do alternates, exercise today and eat like you're inhaling food the next day. If you want to lose weight, exercising until your muscles become like Jello won't actually work if you eat more because of it. Exercising a lot makes you think that you're burning a whole lot of calories and so you can reward yourself with that extra large fries and some regular soda. Boo.