Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Apple Made Eve Do It


She came out into the world the 3rd time Lynette Scavo was pregnant. She's Tom and Lynette's 4th kid and the only girl in the family (aside from the mother duh). She ran away because her parents forgot about her birthday and they even got her name wrong for her cake, which flavor is just her second favorite. And all those confusion's because her mom was having another baby girl in her womb. She hates "that thing" inside her mom because she won't be the baby girl anymore.


She's a former supermodel who has 2 kids and is a very spoiled housewife. She gets almost everything she wants from her husband who (loves her and) earns a whole frigging lot. She misses the single life, being the boss in the house (her eldest child, Juanita, is now the brat), and just plain doing nothing at all. When her daughter Celia got the chicken pox, and she hasn't experienced it, she lived with her gay neighbors and was reminded of how exciting drinking and partying were - the life she used to live having no responsibilities in exchange of a life with her kids and family. She has a very different style of parenting. As her husband would say it, thanks to her negligence, their kids became independent and resourceful. Nice one, Carlos Solis.


She had a nervous breakdown after falling in love and becoming obsessed with Mike, her friend Susan's ex-husband (who married Susan again what the heck). After being sent back home from the mental, rather, behavioral institution, her therapy and recovery are being hampered by her new ex-stripper housemate. She's having dreams about being attracted to her new friend who admitted she "dates chicks" and her therapist said those dreams are just caused by her wanting of another relationship.

Desperate Housewives gets to you and you don't have to fool yourself with the title. It's surely for a grown-up audience, as the topics are not kid-friendly, and the dialogue? Pretty sarcastic sometimes and downright funny sometimes. There's just something in the series that will get you hooked on, whether you can (or cannot) relate to any of the characters, you're definitely looking forward to the next episode. (And no, the characters don't just sleep with everyone else.)

MORAL: I type a lot while watching tv series. That's why sometimes I prefer watching in a screen that is not from a computer. [AND JUST WHILE I'M TYPING THIS A HUGE KADOEIRUSOFVOSHEVFEo COCKROACH DECIDED TO VISIT OUR HOUSE AND PASSED BY ME. Just like that, I gave it two mild steps and sent it to oblivion. Then, I asked Sanny to pick it up and I sprayed Lysol all over the floor. I guess this is enough diversion for this entry.] TV series, they get to you. When you're hooked, you're hooked, and it's a matter of time before you tire out from it maybe when your favorite character gets written off or the plot maybe too predictive or absurd for you. But just now, Desperate Housewives works for me, and it's doing a very good job of making me happy.

By the way, the parting words of Mary Alice (the narrator) for the episode (S06E16) I'm watching while typing this:

Seduction is an art. Subtle methods of coercion are used to sway the susceptible. And those who were determined will take their time to get what they want. And when the seduction is successful, those who succumbed ask themselves, was I seduced or is this what I wanted all along?

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