Thursday, June 17, 2010

Confirming Weird Wicked Wednesday

Note: All stories are true-to-the-core and no parts were made-up for whatever reasons. Also, this entry was written without consumption of any abused chemicals and formulations. Even soda. You know that soda is unhealthy but you always choose not to believe so.

I somehow forgot to add from last week's Weird Wicked Wednesday entry about my friend Pao's and my bus experience. Seriously, when I experienced it and then Pao told me his story, I can confirm that Wednesday is pretty wicked. We sat quietly on our rotating chairs and contemplated about life for 2 minutes.

My bus story:

I was stuck in traffic, yes I have mentioned that. My 20-30 minute ride (inclusive of traffic) became worse. Three people (2 girls and 1 guy) got into the bus and sat in front. When the bus stopped just before EDSA and we're waiting for the green light, the guy who was wearing sunglasses and a cap suddenly went to the back end of the bus with his video camera. Weird and creepy suspicious dude. Then the two ladies turned to face the remaining unknowing passengers. One girl started by "Mga mommies..." and brought up a really kick-ass huge can of Lactum. Another was holding up a cardboard with flip-throughs showing different images related to kids, to the milk, and to learning. In case you got lost: Either they were auditioning for something or just promoting the brand, and after their spiel which the creepy guy recorded, they even took pictures and just sat down again. Like nothing happened. It was that moment when you thank God for earphones, music, and mp3 players. It was when passengers looking straight ahead for the road suddenly twisted their necks to see the left and rights of the bus.

I chose to ride a jeepney the next day and all the days after.

Pao's story is short but definitely has a striking effect that lingers after you have heard it:

He was running late so he rode the first bus he got himself into. It was an "ordinary" bus meaning it doesn't have airconditioning. You have to endure the polluting, lung-threatening traffic and fumes of EDSA with open windows wishing every second that you get to your destination quick. So, their open-windowed bus was moving along EDSA when a truck carrying pigs to their death-tination came right beside them. I guess the sudden stopping and accelarating in EDSA scared the poor animals or there was a crack on the road, the pigs decided to jump or whatever, and then suddenly, the bus passengers near the windows screamed their lungs out. They also jumped to the other side cursing and bickering because brown stuff from the truck splashed into them. Pao had some on his pants and good thing he didn't stink or else we'll kill him.

What's that brown stuff? Go figure.

MORAL: The animals are back for revenge. They won't go down without a fight, striking when you really don't expect it. Life's definitely an adventure and commuting doubles your chances of experiencing a life-altering moment in your journey. Fun, fun.

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