Tuesday, June 29, 2010

International Photographer

Just a really random post because I saw it in Joppet's account.

I remember this photo, this moment. This was when we went to Macau. And for that trip, 2 people asked me to take their photos. First was when we went to Macau Tower and this Japanese dude asked me to take his photo. I remember that, he posed behind the Why Live On The Edge When You Can Jump Off? slogan of Macau Tower. And then this: a Western couple just asked me out of nowhere to take their picture with the Ruins of St. Paul behind them. (Joppet took a photo of them while I was taking theirs as well. Freaks.)

When we went to Cebu, my friends and I were taking a lot of photos of each other while we were in Crown Regency (Sky Walk floor). Then an old Korean couple asked me to take their photo. Twice. @___@

Just weird. Do I have that "I can take your picture if you want" vibes coming out from my body?!
And because I can't say a big juicy NO, I took their photos.

MORAL: I AM NOT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. I need to have a shirt with that printed on.

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