Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

After Telephone, people are now fine with Lady Gaga releasing epic (regarding time) music videos. Now, she just released Alejandro (watch video above, return here after 8minutes and 44 seconds). Personally, I'm not really all "oooh I love this soooong!" over Alejandro but wth, who cares. Whatever Lady Gaga does now, it sells like freaking drugs (pancakes are expensive). When I watched the video, like all Lady Gaga music videos, I started to doubt my intelligence. I question myself on the whereabouts of my critical thinking skills, my comprehension, my IQ, all of me. My sister gave me a good "there, there" and I started creating my own story behind the video. I'm not in the mood to research about the video so I asked her, "Is it because Alejandro was killed in a war and she remembers all the times they were making love, and since he's dead, she joined the convent?" or "Did she become a nun because Alejandro made love with men while he's in the war?" When I asked those questions, that was when I realized something.

It's Lady Gaga. Don't think. Just hate or love her.

MORAL: The more you see someone stripping off one's clothes, the more the taboos are being presented and being offered like discount coupons to anyone, that means something. Either eventually we'll be indifferent to these things, or that what we consider "moral" are being tested. The inverted cross, the rosary, male dancers doing sexy/weird choreographies, I can't wait till The Vigilant Citizen strikes again. Hahaha.

EDIT: So after people have expressed their opinions and their unsolicited interpretations on Lady Gaga's new music video, Yahoo releases something about it as well. At least my initial thoughts hit a part of it. I like the "demonization" part. Good one.

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