Sunday, June 06, 2010

Phone Stars

I just found some of these photos in my phone. Screenshots and images that were captured before and never shared with anyone. I guess it's time to share them to anyone who lands on this blog.

Exhibit 1: This photo was taken while I was touring the new library in Ateneo. I looked out to see the baseball field and this scenery caught my attention. A lone blue car whose driver/owner was so astounded by the empty parking spaces s/he decided to take a couple. If the driver did a parallel parking, I would go down and leave this person a certificate of appreciation. If you can't decide on which slot to take, park anywhere. Good.

Exhibit 2: Whenever I see vegetarian-friendly food in the supermarket, whether they are filled with preservatives or not, I put them into the cart when my mom's not looking. This vegetarian instant noodles is different. There's a freaking swastika on the packaging. Yeah, the symbol can be attributed to different religions, but it's commonly linked to the Nazi Germany. Nazi German Chinese instant vegetarian noodles. That's too much for me to take, the ad won. I bought three packs.

Exhibit 3: This is an ultimately freaking screenshot of a text message I received way back. It's the type of random text messages forwarded to postpaid subscribers by those companies or institutions who have nothing else to do. I thought it was a prank but seriously, I also see messages like this in my spam! What's wrong with the world?! Or maybe with me? And for the record: I DO NOT HAVE ERECTILE PROBLEMS. Jeez.

MORAL: I'm sure you have received messages like that before. You may have seen a lot of times drivers park like madmen, and food packaging gone wrong. Whatever the printers, advertisers, or drivers have in mind when they did those things, I sure hope they don't mean it. Or they were just bored. Go check your spam mail if you don't believe me. You probably won the lottery, too.

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hercs.. uhmmm. never heard of it.. nuupe. not at all :-"