Monday, May 31, 2010

Punta Fuego - Nasugbu, Batangas

May 30-31, 2010

Club Punta Fuego: Terrazas Beach Club
Hands down, resorts really have the fastest Internet connection in the world (of course, I'm exaggerating because I'm in the Philippines). Anyway, when you're going to a beach resort, you know that you'll be staying in a nice room, and there are double infinity pools a stone's throw away, what are the essentials you are going to bring?

There are clothes, swim attire, sunscreen, snacks, camera, and the likes, right? I brought all the essentials that I usually bring. I really was expecting to be on a secluded beach island untouched by the forces of human development in terms of lifestyle and standards of living, but it doesn't really matter now because this resort is kick-ass anyway. So, what else do you bring? My cousins, all three of them, brought their laptops. We had a total of three laptops. I debunked the dream of "One Laptop Per Child" as I just stood there with my survival pack ready to dive to the nearest body of water, whether natural or man-made.

I was supposed to be island hopping in Zambales the same weekend but the night before, mere 2 hours before I planned to leave for the bus station, the rain poured like a crazy man armed with a machete running amok. My mom was asking me not to go because she knew we were supposed to go island hopping! Imagine all the Kraken-like waves ready to engulf all of the boaters. I was pretty insistent on pushing through because no man is an island. Ugh, randomness aside, I assured her we won't set sail unless China Sea is calm enough and it's all safe to ride a boat. Then my mom called again, this time she has a bargaining chip. She told me I could go with my aunt and cousins instead. It was a tough call until I got home from my friend's house and together with my mom, my sister brainwashed me into going to Punta Fuego instead of Zambales. Sneaky sneaky.

It was a good decision. I may have disappointed my Zambales-mates, but I don't regret going to Punta Fuego. It's a freaking exclusive resort and has three different areas namely the Terrazas Beach Club, the Peninsula Main Club (where we stayed longer), and the Yacht Club. Six-kilometer difference. We first went to Club Punta Fuego's Terrazas Beach Club, had lunch there by the beach and met my aunt's colleagues.

Random Tip: When you have a monobloc plastic chair welcoming you to sit on it, don't just freaking sit on it! Secure it first by pressing it to the sand so that you won't go having a heart attack when you try to lean back even for a little. True story.

Considering I'm not really sure where the Yacht Club is, coming from Manila Terrazas Beach Club is the first Punta Fuego Club one will see. My blockmates and I saw Terrazas Beach Club first before we went to Tali Beach. And then a few kilometers more after Tali Beach, turn left at the only fork you'll see in a really, really, nasty long time. Go straight until you see civilization (Mayans) and go further, welcome to the more exclusive, residential area of Peninsula Main Club. The houses were feautiful as in effing beautiful. People there are filthy rich or frich. I can only be filthy dirty in my life. Haha.

Photo presents Terrazas Beach Club! There are tents (when you want to eat under an unnatural shade) and trees and they offer different activities as well. You can rent kayaks, jetskis, ride the banana boat, run along the beach (because it's a long strip of fine sand!), go boating, have henna painted on your skin, drown your friends, play around in the wide sand strip, and swim within the borders. I think there were buoys and other floaters around the swim area so that those driving the jetski won't hit swimmers who can go really far. My theory always becomes right in the end. I am that great.

Next photo below, Peninsula Main Club's Long Beach! There are Casitas which are like rooms you can stay (near the Country Club where the double infinity pools can be found as well) if you don't have a fancy house built there. Yeah, all the houses are fancy. @___@

Drive around and you'll see Fuego Point, wherein you can see a view like this. I don't think cameras give justice to the beauty of nature.

The weekend went by pretty fast, well, I got to sleep around 10:30pm (because I was the only one left awake by then), and that's a really big thing for me because I'm an "after 12" person. Like I sleep anytime AFTER 12am and I believe I work best anytime AFTER 12pm. I definitely pigged out with all the snacks my aunt brought, so I'm going to have my kidneys checked if they can still handle my sodium. And to make the weekend better, Lakers just nailed the Suns to go into the Finals. Woohoo!

MORAL: Club Punta Fuego is an exclusive resort in Batangas and being able to go there's pretty much awesome already. The place has a lot of nice things to offer - food, entertainment, really fast Internet, infinity pools, crazy Zen bathrooms (for the Casitas), decent swimming beaches (I'm being unbiased here because the beach is not really hallucinatory beautiful), nice houses to look at, and of course - the astounding views.

"It's the cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimb." - Miley Cyrus

Miley has the perfect words to live by.

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