Monday, June 28, 2010

Pure Not So Pinoy Big Fun

A lot of people are saying, it's Pinoy Big Brother, but why are there a lot of international contestants? Heck, the last two teen big placers were "teenternationals."

Ryan the funny Korean who's the main reason people watch Pinoy Big Brother won second place. While James the Australian heartthrob who did absolutely nothing inside the house won the main prize.


I have nothing against race, I mean, I'm the only one I know who's not complaining about the international contestants of Big Brother. Just because it's franchised here in the Philippines doesn't mean that foreigners or those without Filipino blood (but they can speak Bisaya and Tagalog!) cannot join the useless fun that PBB offers.

Well, I'm still not a big fan of Big Brother, I still think it's useless - shows the "reality" of how pathetic some people could be, doesn't prove how one could be "worthy" of staying inside the house, and doesn't really deserve the airtime it should. But because it's a contest and there's money involved, I rest my case.

I was able to watch this season because Sanny and Belle really like watching Ryan while my sister loves dissing Tricia. Bottomline, I don't know why the fudge James won. I prefer him over Ivan in the aesthetic level but no - James over Ryan? Gimme a break. I'll just put Pyramid on a loop and listen to Charice Pempengco belt out her lungs.

MORAL: Well, if you think more about it, half of what's shown in the television is "dumb" anyway. It's all for brainless entertainment. You give them your time, they make you smile, and they earn money for it (advertisements and those who work for the production team). Who loses? (Aside from our IQ points and sense of something else?) You won't read a book anyway.

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