Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Rainbow's Colors

So Vanessa Carlton pulled an Anna Pacquin. Megan Fox and Lady Gaga said it before as well. (In case you have no idea what I'm typing here, just "bing" it. Fine, "google" it.)

And so what, half of the world now's bisexual anyway. Honestly, Anna Pacquin coming out like that was very strategic because she can have it both ways! Post-modern people and the LGBT community would hail her as a hero, while the conservatives would judge her first but won't send her to hell because she's engaged to a man anyway. Yes, Stephen Moyer, her costar whose name is like a counterpart to Stephanie Meyer. The vampires are playing a really cruel joke here.

My sister welcomed me home the day that news spread out, "Oh, yung favorite mo bisexual daw." Yes, she's my favorite female pianist who can sing.

My friend told me, "Kaya pala ganun ang songs niya..." He was obviously referring to White Houses and maybe even the video of Pretty Baby. Hmm...

(We're being exposed at this time and age. Even in media. What used to be so taboo's being shown worldwide now. They have infiltrated our tv series, there's an awesome lesbian doctor in Grey's Anatomy and now someone in Desperate Housewives slept with her housemate who happens to be an ex-stripper. And now I think she's being written off. NOOOO!!!!)

Back to the topic, honestly, it was an "oh really?" moment deserving an "ahh, okay" response from people. Why? I have already mentioned it above. Half of the world's bisexual anyway.

If Maria Shriekapova claimed she's really gay and/or she's an adroid, I would not be surprised either. If Aiza Seguerra gets a mother role, that would elicit a "Holy Shiitake!" from me. Or if Jejomar Binay says Mar Roxas is the real Vice-President of the Philippines, that would be a better shocker and a real epiphany or revelation for me.

MORAL: Life would be easier if you (can) just choose with either black or white. Yes it would be boring if we always have our ways easily. So what do we do? Confuse ourselves? Have more options? With the earth constantly rotating and revolving, nothing's as easy as black or white anymore. (Even 1 plus 1 is not always equal to 2 anymore! Ask your Philosophy and Management teachers for more information.) There are shades of grey (or gray - you even have more options for the spelling!) now, even periwinkle and all the colors of the rainbow, come to think of it.

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