Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Weird Wicked Wednesday

Wednesdays are weird. Well, not all the time but when something makes you say, WTH, check the date. It's on a Wednesday. I have read not a long time ago that Wednesday is the day with the record of most number of suicides occurring. Whether people jump off the ledge, slit their wrists vertically, or drink silver cleaner, suicides are more frequent on Wednesdays. They said it's because there are a lot of work on Mondays and Tuesdays, then the weekend is still far away. So what better thing to do but welcome a 6-wheeler head on.

So how was my Wednesday? Well, I was welcomed by a freaking traffic along Ortigas. I blame it to Poveda (ha!). So there. I arrived almost one hour after my intended time of arrival. Good thing there was Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs and there was no one in our department. Btw, Lakers won. Take that, Boston! To make it weirder, a lot of people actually came to the office today. Idk, is it like "let's go to the office" day? My friends just shrugged their shoulders when I asked them.

There's really something weird in Wednesdays. My sister told me about their Wicked Wednesdays in the restaurant, I got mine today. When my sister was still working in the restaurant industry, they had "random" Wednesdays wherein there would really be a lot of people in the restaurant like they're panic-eating or something.

And, I stumbled upon the new music videos of my favorite artists. I have posted Paramore and Lady Gaga's, and here's the last one. Michelle freaking Branch.

MORAL: When there are days, there really are days just like today.

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