Monday, June 28, 2010

Wet Grass and Hair of Tennis

This is that time of the year again. When the world goes gaga over green grass, white clothes, and silence when someone starts serving that ball 120 miles per hour.


Tennis is a very brutal sport for the self-conscious, preppy, "I want to look really good" people. When you're a professional tennis player, you get interviewed right after you win or lose a match. Yeps. Freaking right after finishing a match, while you're still dripping and sweating like a pig. No time for fixing your hair or your collar. Just enough time to wear the watch you're endorsing while the interviewer is leaping towards you. When you win a title, the awarding is right after the match as well, just so you can wear your jacket and compose a speech on how great your opponent is.

You know post-match press interviews? Players are given just a few minutes to shower or have a change of clothes (they usually do the former) and are compelled to show up for the interview. (If they don't show up to the mandatory post-match press, they have to pay a fine. Yes. Brutal.) This is why you see a lot of players looking like a mess while they're being interviewed by the press.

Certainly, tennis is bipolar. They want the players to look good and feel their best before and during play (for advertising) but afterwards, go for broke - wet hair, sweaty clothes, dirty shoes, dripping caps. Tennis is not for chokers.

MORAL: Welcome to sports entertainment. :)

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