Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Everyday Anime Topics

After being bothered by the promo of the upcoming UAAP Season, my friend and I are brainstorming on the next big thing for anime series from sports to everyday life.

There are series for basketball, tennis, football, baseball, boxing, yoyo, racing, but I haven't heard of a series for chess? A castling move deserves one whole episode, people?! What's wrong with the world today?!


Since we're evolving creatures, our conversation also progressed about everyday things that have become anime series as well. There's one for cooking, baking, playing themed cards, and fishing. There are a whole lot of anime just use your imagination. There are those for music and performance - singing, dancing, playing instruments, and the likes. The storyline is not the problem anymore, the challenge lies on the concept!

If that's the case, we can have one for programming, one whole episode for compiling the codes, with the end of the series: "No error!" "Yikeeeee!!!!" ~ FIN~

Anime series for bullfighting and cock-fighting. Animal cruelty. Tsk. Then for accounting:


*end credits*

How about for the popular social networking games? Bejewelled the Animated Series! Farmville!
There could also be an animated series for Spelling Contests.

"For the next word, spell Dog."
"Dee-Owh" (one whole episode with the contestant having flashbacks of his/her childhood) "Doboryu-Jee. Dowg."


Or to keep up with the new shows, we could also have Fashanime. Fashion + anime. After all, most of the characters do not change their clothes, right? They wear the same thing over and over again as if life dictated that what they wore in the first episode should be their uniform until the last episode. This is not 24 (tv series) for Christ's sake.

MORAL: With creativity and art, the sky's the limit. Really, Lady Gaga said limits do not exist. I know Mathematicians and smart-asses would beg to disagree but Lady Gaga is one of the most influential people today. So stick with what she says.

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