Monday, July 05, 2010

Grass Kids

Obviously, I was supposed to blog about tennis last night, when we already have Champions for the different divisions. However, our Internet decided to elope again with the wind. The technicians are here every week. Poor service.

Rafa looks waaay better when he's dirty. Or just wearing pants, or okay, even a shirt.

Rafael Nadal coursed through Tomas Berdych in straight sets 6-3 7-5 6-4. It's Rafa's second Wimbledon title. I was not able to watch the match (wow it rhymes!) because I was at a birthday celebration. High school friends are greater than Rafael Nadal because I'm sure Rafa would win it in a heartbeat anyway. Look at those biceps. Kulang nalang peanut butter. Pandesal arms.

I was able to watch the Ladies' Singles Finals though. 1st seed Serena Williams killed 21st seed Vera Zvonareva (favorite violent girl). Random thing, Vera has really awesome eyes. I guess when you're European and have dirty blonde hair, you probably have cold, bluish eyes. Just saying. Serena had the record of 80 aces (against Vera's 23) prior to the Finals. One big mean serving machine.

I was kind of hoping that Vera would make Serena sweat, having Jelena Jankovic and Kim Freaking Clijsters killed on the way to the Finals. 6-3 6-2 is quite a beating you know, and I tell you Serena blasted Vera all throughout the match. I have kept a semi blow-by-blow commentary on the match stored in my phone but I know no one wants to read about it. Haha. So what to do but post pictures taken from websites like Yahoo! and ONTD, and create a mini-Why-Vera-Zvonareva-Is-Awesome.

MORAL: We all have our own preferences. Minding each other makes life interesting, yes, but when you tell someone else why yours is better or why his/hers sucks balls, well, that would make life even more interesting and evil. Yeah, I just typed evil. Women's tennis has long been scrutinized especially when they started having the same prize money with men's tennis. Venus Williams said that gender equality means that women might seem to be playing/sweating/working less (max of 3 sets) compared to men (max of 5 sets for Grand Slams) but considering the physique of women (men may be more capable of playing longer) and respecting what each other can do cannot be summed up in money - having equal prize money means that women perform their 100% and men perform their 100%, so they both get the same cold cash. You don't freaking measure it side by side, that's not equality, freako. (Venus Williams didn't say that exactly but I hope you get the picture.)

Why I like women's tennis? Outbursts are very common and they can also produce quality tennis. It's the whole new thing for Sports Entertainment. Drama and all the grunting hitting is pretty much entertaining, you know. Not just brute speed whacking of balls.

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