Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Adopted Doom

Drafted last June 17, 2010.

Note: Ever since July started, I have been working on my assigned project and it's a weird-crazy awesome one. Eyelike. I have someone in our team who, when next week comes still doesn't have a project assigned, can beat my idle time (one month).

From the beginning, I thought I was not cut-out for the corporate world. Sacrificing my body in hopes of changing the world, but in the end prepping up capitalism instead, the heavens were not happy. So what happened? Let's just say in all the requirements, something ill-fated always transpires.

In medical exams, my arms bruise easily, not to mention the nurse or the labtech really had a difficult time extracting my oh-so-precious blood. She almost crapped her pants, proven by trying both arms, and moving the hypodermic needle under my skin. All the while asking me, "Masakit po ba, Ma'am?" She's lucky I love pain and I'm not squeamish with these things. And oh, it takes me a minimum of an hour to have that urinalysis. Sheez, my iron urinary bladder really is awesome.

My first ATM card was digested whole when I tried to change its pin. All smiles.
My employee profile is pretty messed up. Just pretty. So, no biggie.
My employee status is still pending, so I can't do anything at all. No online trainings, online mandatory exams, time tracking device, anything related to the company website. Nada. Null. Ding. Dong.
Just when I'm starting to like where I'm staying, my former dream company called. They want my soul back. Okay.
If I get paid, I just got paid for dressing up and going to the office with a smile. And drinking Milo. Hey, I'm not complaining. Haha.

In case you missed it, the sarcasm sign was turned on after I was born. And it hasn't been turned off ever since.

MORAL: Awesome friends and new-found friends compensate the misfortunes you receive once in a while. In my case, often. Whoever coined the "swerte Intsik" should rot in Feng Shui hell, if there's such a thing.

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