Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Underwater Recruit

I've been wondering for so long why Nicole Vaidisova chose to hang out with Radek Stepanek aka the Fish Boy.

I edited this post at least 3 times (Ctrl+A then Delete) because I don't want to sound snooty nor appear as a physiognomist. So okay, maybe it's love. Or maybe Nicole wants to commit suicide and she chose this way to get back to the world, by marrying a fish. Bestiality - check Leviticus, it said something about bestiality.

Nicole Vaidisova's probably racist. She got with Radek because he's Czech. Yep. It's the only thing plausible.

Tennis Planet gave more reasons on why Nicole Vaidisova married Radek Step-a-neck:

-Lets get the most obvious one out of the way first: Added inches.
-Rebound. With the tremendous jilt she received from her tennis career – smack in the middle of her prime – the vulnerability to fall prey shot up exponentially resulting in grabbing the first thing in motion – and growing.
-Love. That ‘eye-beholder’ BS. But shouldn’t it work both ways?
-Stepanek’s promise of millions through his projected potential as a porn star?
-Residual impact from the early divorce of her parents / absence of father figure.
-Promise of one day turning into a mermaid with Stepanek 90 percent already there deep in the fish kingdom?
I'm preparing for the end of the world. It's neeeaaaar! One of the signs just happened!

MORAL: It's pretty simple and obvious. Nothing is impossible. You could drug someone into thinking s/he needs you.

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