Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Office Drama Tuesday

This post is bipolar.

Start the day as I would normally do.

Come night time, I checked on something work-related and saw anomalous content. I just ignited like wildfire. Let's just say I had my first loose fingers moment and I thank Sweet Baby Jesus for making emails. You don't hear/read the tone so the recipient won't necessarily get it when you're mad, jovial, constipated, whatever.

I mentioned this to a friend who's still studying and ranting about her love life. And to avoid disclosing information, I used programming concepts to explain it and I don't know why I used programming concepts wherein I could've just used animals or fruits or sports.
Haha isipin mo nalang gumawa siya ng isang object sa code mo. Although hindi mo pa iccall, gumawa parin siya ng object sa program na cinocode mo!!!
Is just completely weird. My friend told me, my explanation didn't help because a.) object-oriented programming concept, and b.) see reason a.

Venting out is really helpful and I drank coffee to relieve myself of frustration. Of course, typing it in your Facebook and Twitter account would help. Since we've been so specialized now, no one thing would appear the same to everyone. Our own modern Tower of Babel. Here's the simple text:
Dear You,
Please mind your own Test Lab. Thanks. Ka-highblood ka eh.
Possibilities: My colleague was able to respond within the context. Three other friends lost the point. To give credit to my friends, they are either concerned regarding my health and others were in the medical-health department. Kudos. And to set the record straight. Dear Kara, no, I'm not pregnant. Sorry.

MORAL: Try breathing slowly and count from 1-10 before taking any drastic actions to/against someone who has done something that made you exclaim "WTF!!!" inside your head for 300x. If it still doesn't help, repeat counting. Then type to a blank document (not in the ready-to-send-email editor) and then edit. Before copy-pasting it to the editor. Press Send. God bless you.

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