Monday, July 12, 2010

Posting Pretty People's Pictures

For the 3rd installment of posting pretty people's pictures (PPPP?) here for no reason at all, or just for the simple idea that they are ... pretty? Check the photo below.

This is the daughter of Aphrodite and hmmm... No, I guess Aphrodite had a binary fission and produced Gemma Atkinson. The woman with a lot of airtime in Red Alert 3. Thanks to my annoying friend, ManyaKes, for fantasizing about Gemma Atkinson for the longest time already. (Geez that pig.)

In Marian Rivera's wise words or word or mouth instead: Bee-yoo-tee-fool!

MORAL: When you're feeling down and when you think the heavens have conspired to make your day terrible, look at these people. God sent them to make you smile. Or salivate.

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