Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tangible Music

Thank you, Lace, for being such a good friend.
(Kate Voegele's "A Fine Mess", She & Him's "Volume Two", and The Submarines' "Honeysuckle Weeks" all in a brown paper bag for a happy child.)

If you have noticed the column on the right side of this blog, the material things I want are mostly CDs. The next thing you will say is, "WTF. You can download them for free!" I will tell you that it's illegal to download those because they're not for free and next is that, yes, I have downloaded a lot of music off the Internet. Pirates of the new world. Yet I'm one of those "stupid" people (according to "practical" people) who still buy CDs. When I like the artist so much (or if after downloading his/her album and setting my foot that I like the music), I run to the nearest music store and purchase a copy. Then we know the next thing after that, I'm broke and must control myself from buying milk teas and donuts. Hahaha.

We want what we don't have and when there's a challenge, we become oh-so-determined to overcome the challenge. Defeat the dare. Accomplishment. This is when I find out that the albums of artists I admire are not available in the country. Of course, after sifting through most of the music stores in the Metro, Amazon is just there ready to hug you back. Then there's the problem. I'm not ready to Johnny Air my things and I'm still not comfortable over the whole credit card number deal. So, I ask around on who's going abroad or coming home. Then the ordering and requesting begins. With my latest procurement, my blockmate Lace (the girl who was thought to be pregnant in the airport teeheehee) went to the US for some seminar and vacation. So while we were still in Bohol I asked her when she got the time, to just check out the music stores.

I sent her a list. Haha I'm such a douche. So out of those she checked, these three were the ones available. I'm still waiting for my aunt next month for more CDs (just to complete She & Him and The Submarines). So, why still buy CDs? First is that it's the only way I can support them into making more music (aside from attending concerts), second is that it's tangible (it's like a back-up of the music I have in my hard disk), and third is that I should probably reflect more on why I buy CDs then just post a short entry about it. [Weirdo alert.]

MORAL: When you can and if you want, you can forget all about that, "nasimulan ko na eh!" mindset. That's why I don't want to start buying CDs of really established artists (those who have one million albums in the past) because at some point I will have the urge to challenge myself into completing them. Gotta catch 'em all. I also accept mixtapes. Thanks.

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