Thursday, July 08, 2010

These 3 Words Can Hurt You

While waiting for my body to shut down, my sister was attentively glued to the tv and I can't help but take a peek of what she's watching. Music's most bizarre moments or something like that on MTV, with comedians and writers commenting about the incident. From Kanye's infamous "Yo, Yo, Taylor" moment to Fergie being a "Whiz Kid" (she wasn't able to control her bladder while performing).

I wasn't able to finish the 100 moments because I was supposed to be dreaming already. Then I heard about Bjork.

They were saying, "You know Bjork as the Icelandic pixie sweetheart [...]"

At first it was really scary, Bjork suddenly going Bjork-serk berserk on you. Then the comments after the clip were so funny.

One comedian said, "Who knew 'Welcome to Bangkok' means 'Go f*ck your mother' in Icelandic?"
Another one said, "You could see it from Bjork's face. She has the look that says 'Don't even tell me "Welcome to Bangkok"' printed all over."

If you still don't get it, call me. I'll demo it for you.

MORAL: Being hit by an artist is still painful no matter how great s/he is. Even if you can't spell artist without art. Also, even if it's the popular person's fault, if you hit back, all of the fans will hit you back again. So, just wear your "Bjork Did This" bruise or black-eye with pride.

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Apple said...

I know about Fergie! You should have posted her picture wetting her pants. Funny! :))