Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Draining Wallets for Stuffs

Krisis. Winnie Poohrita. I haven't been posting entries as much as I used to (just check out the archives in case you're wondering how much I post per month) because I have been preoccupied by other things like work and Swiper my personal laptop being on a slump. His freaking wifi is not working! He now works like an old desktop needing a LAN cable to connect to the oh-so-wonderful world wide web. Where's mobility when you want it?

So for the meantime, I have been using Tony (my work laptop) for all other things. I take it home, resulting to working even at home. Not complaining. I'm still enjoying it so no biggie. With my aunt and cousins visiting the country, I finally got hold of Kobe (my new external hard drive)! Hah! And being the awesome friend that I am, I also asked my aunt and uncle (who followed) to buy 2 more HDDs for 2 of my friends who can shell out money the fastest. I won't post my hard disk Kobe the Black Mamba's photo here for non-existent security purposes and impossible security threats.
She & Him's Volume One; Tony the EliteBook; The Submarines' Declare A New State!
Yet what's amazing is that I have successfully temporarily (until they release something new again) have in my hands both albums of The Submarines and She & Him! Hurrah! Don't get me started with "why still buy CDs when you can download them anyway?" because I think I have explained it before. It's like explaining why you still spend to eat McDonald's even if your brain and thighs know that it's unhealthy and packed with super yummy preservatives like having your body on formaline.

Time to cross out 3 items from my Death List. Yehba! (Wth is that interjection.)
Hard disk.
She & Him: Volume One
The Submarines: Declare A New State!

Who's broke now? Yet, I have Alanis Morisette to back me up. God bless you, Alanis and your beautiful words, and uhmm your frizzy hair.

I'm broke but I'm happy,
I'm poor but I'm kind.

MORAL: Money is just paper you give someone to give you something back that is not paper. Unless you really bought paper. Would you rather have a CD or just some colored paper with someone else's face on it? No, please don't think of this as a rhetorical question nor try answering it. It's just something I usually "ask" my friends when they're having thoughts of purchasing something they really like.

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