Sunday, August 08, 2010

GRO: Glutton Right Out

Well, it also means guest relations officer or something.

Hello, August! I have saved a few drafts here as I haven't blogged for the longest time. However, this weekend has been sooo heavy for me (go figure).

We have 3 sets of balikbayans but only met those from my mom's side. First set is my aunt and her family from LA. Next is my cousin and his very pregnant wife from Singapore. Third is my dad's cousin from Hawaii.

Saturday (August 7) was very hectic. Lunch time get together, then I fell asleep after eating too much rice, soup, fish, and cake. My sister woke me up for merienda because they ordered pizza, mojos, and made a lot of popcorn. Lo, there were not enough mojos, chicken, and pizza as the kids just finished swimming and were famished. I fell asleep again because I was so full (this is what we call BABOY REFLEX - when you get sleepy after eating a lot). Then woke up to the sight of another delivery of MORE pizza, mojos, and dinner served. I swear there were too much pizza, mojos, popcorn, and cake that night. I ended with brewed coffee because I needed something to warm my stomach with. When I got home, I rushed to attend a friend's despedida and bought fastfood for them. Yes, I ate fries and dessert. %@#$%$^%$^ Fatty life. "Buhay baboy, binuksan ko," as my friend would say.

Sunday (August 8) came and I was still nursing my overfed stomach. I was woken up with an offer to have lunch at Serendra with both sets of balikbayans. Yay right?! My younger cousins were not fond of Thai food but I found it okay so I ended up eating a lot (Thai milk tea really has a place in my heart). After the ultra heavy lunch, my aunt wanted dessert so we walked to BHS and I had frozen yogurt. My younger cousins were not able to finish their desserts so I ended up eating half of the waffle ice cream and banana split. Hahahahaha. Such a glutton. I don't know why but my appetite's on hyperdrive. We got home and watched the Ateneo game when I fell asleep (note: Baboy Reflex kicked-in). My cousin called up and asked if we're good to go to Greenhills. The answer's: Of course! We walked (I thought it's my exercise moment) around then ordered my happy drink (iced White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks). More walking (to exercise the very pregnant wife) until dinner time. Sheesh. We had Chinese food and I had white rice galore because of the freaking good chili sauce. I swore if I ate something more I would barf right then and there.

And that's the weekend life of a glutton who's out to entertain relatives coming home to the Philippines.

MORAL: Family is more important than your weight.

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