Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nicknames, AP

I give a lot of nicknames to people I meet. This is very evident to the new ones I get to interact with. Nicknames range from FatFngrs to Helicopter. Different people get to be associated to different names. This is not my way of mocking them or anything to elicit laughter or fun. If you think it is, that's a really far cry from good judgment.

I have for instance, a memory that takes time to imprint information I have acquired through my 5 senses. If I can't remember much right now, ask me again after a few weeks and I can describe things/events to you in vivid details, even my pulse rate when we were talking.

After the commercial break which is the paragraph above, my giving of nicknames is a way of helping me remember them. However, the real reason is that I don't want to call anyone else especially those whom I really want to remember, by names people usually call them which is their real names. It makes people special to me, not to be just someone I can remember or part of my network, but make someone memorable. Tumatatak.

(If you don't get it, let's say your name is Wednesday. Most likely, everyone will call you Wednesday because, duh, it's your name. Then I grow fond of you. Most probably I will give you a nickname and you can just count with your fingers how many times I'll call you Wednesday.)

In short, it's my form of endearment. :)

So if I call you by some other name (like Bazooka or Joker), it's a compliment from me. And compliments from me matter so much.

MORAL: Do not take things at first look. There is always a deeper meaning or reason for things. Or maybe not always, but most of the time there are.

And to end this short entry, here's a good photo. Thus, this entry also counts to my Pretty Beautiful entries.

Alex Pettyfer, you denature my proteins.

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Ryan said...

Dude, merong Bazooka? Haha.

Yours Truly,