Sunday, September 26, 2010


Dear Diary,

A while ago, I opened my eyes and realized I woke up! Hallelujah! I'm alive! I'm currently blinking right now. I checked my body, I still look great! I held my hair, it's still nice! How many exclamation marks have I typed? A lot! I know! I'm still continuing to type-in so many bangs! I wasn't able to see the sun because I heard staring directly at it can cause blindness. Not yet, I am not yet ready to go blind because I am not yet ready to love. You know, love is blind? Yeah, cliche. Where were we? Ah. Diary, I took a bath! I shampooed and lathered well. I have to rinse, too, duh. Have I told you I have been breathing since forever? Uh-huh! Inhale.... Ex....wait for it....hale. Also, I consumed 500 calories for breakfast! I chose peanut butter and jelly instead of that corned beef drowning itself in oil. I took a bite from my wheat sandwich, then chewed. Of course, I swallowed it. Drank a lot of coffee, iced tea, and orange juice, too. What a wonderful breakfast. Then brushed my teeth afterwards, 300 strokes up and down for each side. Up down. Up down. Left right. Left right. Feels good, you know. I'm off now! Later again. :)

Annoying Me

Some people document their lives in full detail. I don't judge and mind like it's the reason I can't sleep at night. However, there's what we call Too Much Information (TMI) and just sharing too much. This is evident in photos and blogs. Taking 400 photos in just one hour is a regular feat now it's like we're setting a world record on the most number of photos taken in the shortest time possible. Check your friends' photos in Facebook and Flickr. You could make a gif of them blinking, the movement of their esophagus (if you have x-ray camera), or even check the way the wind blew their hair. Too much. Well, if you don't want to see it, you don't have to scroll through everything TMI-ers (such a trite term) post. Though every now and then you can find a treasure amongst the sea of information available.

You know what? Data mining should be a hobby now. And I can feel knowledge management is going to be a necessity real soon.

Like they say, "Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan. Walang basagan ng trip." :)

MORAL: Sometimes, take heed of "quality over quantity" and do your friends/contacts a grand favor. Do us a favor. Please.

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