Sunday, September 05, 2010

EPS: Express Poohrita System

Working in a company who does a one-time big-time monthly pay can make you go crazy. At first it's a really cool thing because you see good numbers in your account. Yet, as time passes by, the challenge is on how to budget it wisely. You just can't go splurging one day because you'll be just drinking a lot of Milo or coffee to fill your stomach the next day. Or you'll be scrounging for food pretty soon and will have a "countdown" to the next pay day.

What is EPS? According to ever-reliable sometimes-dubious Wikipedia,
"The Express Payment System, more commonly known as the EPS, was the EFTPOS system originally of the ATM cards of Bank of the Philippine Islands and its subsidiaries, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct Savings Bank. Today, it is the EFTPOS system of the Expressnet interbank network in the Philippines. The system is the most popular EFTPOS system for ATM cardholders in the Philippines and is accepted nationwide. Rivals of the network include MegaLink's PayLink and the similarly-named BancNet Payment System (BPS)."
In short, it's a debit card. Sorry I had you read all those words. Reading is healthy you know. See, I'm not just educational, I'm also uhmm.. medical?

What is Winnie Poohrita? Gay lingo has been a very entertaining escape from the use of normal, very much used everyday words, so instead of going the distance using eloquent words or highfalutin ones, gay lingo makes life funnier but not necessarily easier. It just means poor. I know, I know, I typed too many words again wherein I could've just said it means "poor."

One thing I dislike is waiting. So whenever I see a lot of people lining up to withdraw in the ATMs, I call it "blockbuster" or that they're lining up for free food "may libre bang chili con carne ngayon?". So I just go on walking and decide to procrastinate withdrawing money. A while ago was different, there were only 2 people lining up but really, I don't want to wait. I went to a bookstore and had the biggest dilemma around 5PM. Which book to buy? One book only because I don't want backlogs. I have been thinking about which one to buy that I went out of the bookstore and didn't get anything. I don't want to stress myself over thinking which book to buy. So I got into a clothing store and checked out their cardigans. As usual, they didn't have my size there, the shop assistant prompted me to go Megamall instead. Gee, thanks.

Where's the EPS there? Oh yeah. Saw something else and told myself, that since my ATM card hasn't been working for quite some time, if it works on the EPS, I'll purchase it. Whaddup! I'm poorer now but the experience of having my first purchase through EPS was memorable.

The Culprit.
"On September 5, 2010, I purchased something using EPS."

MORAL: Having more options sometimes make things more difficult in life. Or is it supposed to make it more convenient?

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