Sunday, September 05, 2010

Musical Tadhana

I have been a fan of local acts and bands. I watch gigs and concerts when I feel like it or when someone invites me. Just last night, I had one of the best spur of the moment gigs ever. It's because of the music and the company. I went to Conspiracy Bar along Visayas Ave with newfound friends. I was thinking if I would feel OP (out-of-place) when I go with them, but heck who cares, a friend said Kitchie Nadal's back from the grave and will be playing again. So if I feel OP, I still have good music to keep me company.

And I was mistaken because they made the night really fun and entertaining, even when the artists were behind schedule. It's not usual that I'm incorrect, as I am always right. (Shut your trap if you're having violent reactions over there. Haha.) Even though I am kind of an introvert, I think I managed to get along well with them. They were really friendly and the best part is the line-up for the night! Doki, Delara, and Kitchie Nadal were playing! Super worth it. I knew the bands and their songs, and tried (really) hard not to sing-along so they won't dub me as a super fan or groupie or karaoke queen. Hmm, I know they won't call me anything like those anyway. But if they sang along, I will give them nicknames. Haha.

Kitchie Nadal back from spreading the Gospel.
Two out of four were fans. However, the best description of how Kitchie looks like now, came from the non-fans.

"Para siyang college student na mukhang katatapos lang magthesis."

HAHAHAHAHA. Well, it's true! Kitchie doesn't really give time or effort in fixing herself such as make-up and all the girly glitz people do. I don't care if she has panda eyes. Pandas are awesome!

Too bad Kitchie Nadal didn't sing this song, it was one of her songs that got imprinted in my head for more than 4 hours.
Minsan nagbiro sa iyo ang tadhana, o bakit pa ibinigay sayo kung babawiin lang?

MORAL: Good times with good music and good friends (yes, there are bad friends just so you know haha) are tough to beat.

All photos courtesy of Doki's page.

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