Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sitting Duck Attracting Good Vibes

One thing with the corporate world is that for most of the time you sit down. Well you sit when you eat (unless there are lots of people in the pantry), sit when you use the computer, sit when you take calls, sit when you're trying to change the Facebook or Y!M status of your teammate who forgot to lock his/her laptop, sit when you read a book or some training materials, sit when you pretend you're working (not me because I really work teeheehee), sit when you attend trainings and meetings, sit when you poop, sit when you eat AND poop (sweet baby Jesus, please don't do this at the same time), sit while chatting with your teammate who's not doing anything, and the list would still populate with "Stuff I Can Do While Sitting".

The heavens have conspired for me to stand up and start moving again. I'm a pretty active person. Pretty and active. Mwahaha. I used to run/jog, swim, do yoga, futsal, and tennis. Pretty active.

I've been putting off all possible opportunities to exercise because there are no sports centers in the vicinity and I can make really good excuses. However, I'm going to have access to the swimming pool from my mom, there's a tennis club in the company now, and I got a gym membership - all I have to do is sign up. -_-

Then my call for tomorrow got cancelled which means I can go watch Ateneo's game without feeling guilt, I also got into the list of volunteers for the build, and I'm getting discounted Malcolm Gladwell books.

Have I told you that it's Britney's episode on Glee today?

I'm really nervous with this. Maybe Ateneo will lose tomorrow's game. Noooooooo!!!

MORAL: When you're up, you're really up there. When you're down, climb the hell back up! Watch Britney Spears on Glee. NOW.

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